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Who I am?

Hello, I am a professional masseuse in the Palermo neighborhood, I can offer you the following services:
Body-to-body massages, relieving, relaxing, sensitive, Thai on tatami.
I have an excellent office, air-conditioned environment and all safety and hygiene measures. I wait for you to spend an excellent moment, I reserve the right of admission!
Send me a message and we coordinate


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Experiences (24)


1 years ago

Today I went to a massage section with Liz, what a very beautiful Divine woman, the most sensual and erotic massage that the place has given me is a luxury I recommend her in every way, she is a genius

paul white

1 years ago

I loved meeting you, Liz, you are very pretty from where I looked at you, a tail will last very well trained, divine lolas. Spectacular your whole body, very hard, I love it, oh, very good vibes, a beautiful and very passionate smile, and your hugs and those kisses that you gave me killed me every time I close my eyes I imagine you above me beautiful Liz and soon we will see each other thank you very much for seeing me give it such a pleasant moment.


1 years ago

Very good masseuse tremendous woman
It's a bomb bomb! I acquired the sensual massage service, I left relaxed. It had been a long time since I had such good massages, it really is professional. She is very cute, attentive and keeps a smile from the moment you enter until you leave.
Excellent service


1 years ago

A phenomenon, excellent service.


1 years ago

I can't ignore more than thank you for such a beautiful moment you are a beautiful woman on the outside and inside you left me very relaxed and it's been a long time since anyone kissed me like that soon we will see each other again Liz


11 months ago

I went 15 days ago. A sweet one with excellent massages. I will be back


11 months ago

I went yesterday to have massages, the truth is a bombón, the service of 10 is very nice and friendly, I will be back

the tan

11 months ago

A 10 gentlemen. Magical hands, even better body and she a sweet good vibes. I recommend it 100%. They won't regret it.


11 months ago

Thank you Liz for everything, you are very sweet. I had a very pleasant moment, you are very attentive, your massages are excellent, it shows that you are a real professional, your office is very nice. Everything hygienic and perfumed the right light voice with that beautiful smile that made me fall in love your hands took me to an unforgettable point of relaxation I just left daughter I'm missing you a big kiss Liz we'll be seeing each other soon


11 months ago

Very good vibes, super canchera, she has it clear. She makes you enjoy her massage and her sex. We will see her again. Beautiful.


10 months ago

You are a beautiful woman, very nice, pleasant, a good masseuse, your place is very private and really a luxury. I loved being with you. You have excellent service. As soon as I return to Bs, I will stop by to see you.


10 months ago

I want to see you again

The brunette

8 months ago

It's heromsa! Having it in 4 is something beautiful!


7 months ago

Very grateful for your service. You are a beautiful woman in every aspect, you relaxed me so much Liz that I slept a whole day. I want to see you again before leaving for Córdoba, but I will call you much sooner because you never have room


7 months ago

A divine thing, I loved everything about her. She is very sensual and her body is very worked out. I recommend her.


6 months ago

I spent last week and it was a very nice experience, a very nice and soft loin, everything in its place. Very good vibes. 10 massages, I was very relaxed. I will return, very professional in what he does, prettier in person and a very nice person, a sweet kiss

Pablo del Rio

6 months ago

Excellent, thank you beautiful, I had a great time, you are very nice, and I felt very good with you, thank you for so much patience. Soon we will meet again


5 months ago

She couldn't say anything, everything I experienced with her that hour was more than perfect, very good massage and an oral that I fell in love with, thank you Liz for such good attention.


3 months ago

I had a great time and wearing the Tatami for the first time is very good, very comfortable and the end was the best, I can't say anything because it is excellent at best. Terrible, first class vibe and it is much prettier in person than in the photos, I fell in love with it

Juan palace

3 months ago

I only have praise for this beautiful lady.
Excellent Massage since I was dying to return driving 12 hours behind the wheel, thanks to her I was able to rest peacefully and my back pain went away. Apart from that, I cannot stop praising her tremendous body that does not go unnoticed at all. I took the Sensual service and I was left with many I want to try their full service, I will choose the one again.


2 months ago

A Divina attends 10 and she is impeccable like the office she is attending. I really liked it, I'll see you again soon, kisses Liz.


1 month ago

I had a tremendous body-to-body massage yesterday with a Turkish woman who performed on me. Liz, the image of her on top of me with those beautiful tits is tremendous. She doesn't let me sleep... I clarify this tremendous wherever you look at it

Juan Cruz

3 weeks ago

I can't explain to you. How well Liz treated me, she gave me some incredible massages, I relaxed so much that I fell asleep, it's divine, now it's finding a really spectacular Masseuse, spectacular, aromatized, I loved the aroma, and very good heating, a lot of privacy, which we like a lot. She is a geisha, she tries to please you in everything, she is very cool, when I can have one more getaway at six in Buenos Aires, I am not even going to search the page, I will come to see her, thank you Liz, for your good vibes and patience.


1 days ago

Yesterday I went to meet this beauty of a woman 🌹 excellent massages and what remains unforgettable in addition to being beautiful on the outside, she is also beautiful on the inside is to visit her several more times

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