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Kendra Santa Cruz $50

Kendra (45)

Carla SC Santa Cruz $40

Carla S.C. (35)


Santa Cruz Escorts

What is a Santa Cruz escort?

Santa Cruz escorts are not prostitutes! We offer much more than just sex.

We are VIP escorts, we offer our company services for different social events, business dinners, business events and any meeting where an accompaniment is necessary that will leave those present with their mouths open!

Obviously, if we want it and if you play your cards right, you have the benefit of being able to have sex with us. That is the main attraction of our service!

At what age can you be a Santa Cruz escort?

To be escorts if there are age limits.

Firstly, one must be of legal age before entering this world, but not very young. We recommend that you start around the age of 20, once you have considered your decision, and that it be of your own free will!

The age to retire is between 40-45 years, because there is a replacement generation that obtains much more demand. However, this can be different for each one of us, it all depends on the way we take care of our body and physical appearance.

What type of clients does a Santa Cruz VIP escort have?

We can cater to anyone!

However, some VIP escorts that we know how to sell ourselves, offer our services to the so-called "white collars"; that is, businessmen, politicians and/or executives. This is because our rate can be much higher than any other sex worker and only these people have the facility to hire us without much effort.

However, if you have enough money to hire our services, you just have to contact us!

Do the whores of Santa Cruz work every day?

This is a personal decision of each escort.

It also influences the fact of whether we work for agencies or independently. In general, independent escorts have the possibility of taking a few days during the year; either we don't work during our period and take it as a monthly break or because we take a few weeks a year.

The Santa Cruz VIP escorts will always depend on the number of reservations we have.

Are the Santa Cruz escorts studied women?

Yeah! Most of us have college degrees or are college students.

People tend to assume that we dedicate ourselves to this profession because we did not study or we find ourselves in a very difficult economic situation and we decide to prostitute ourselves. And that is not the reality of all of us.

The vast majority of VIP escorts in Santa Cruz practice this job, we do it of our own free will, because we like sex, new experiences and meeting people. In addition, there is the economic incentive. Not because it is our only option!

Having studies allows us to present ourselves at parties or important dinners with our clients and to be able to have an interesting conversation.

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