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Moraxp Retreat $300

Moraxp (49)

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Alma Retreat $200

Web thickness (49)

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Barby Retirement $200

Barby (39)

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Natu Retreat $150

Natu (36)

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Xelena Retreat $150

Xelena (38)

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Annete Retirement $150

Annette (51)

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Blue Love Retreat $100

Blue Love (38)

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Sabry Retreat $100

Sabry (27)

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Paula Love Retirement $100

Paula love (42)

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Miaxp Retirement $100

Miaxp (29)

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Chris Retiro $100

Chris (27)

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Retreat Rune $50

rune (42)

Retirement Escorts

Do the Retiro escorts serve at your home?

Many of us provide our services in our departments. However, on our first date, we may ask you to meet at a hotel.

Of course, some girls prefer to serve our trusted clients at their homes, but most of us prefer to serve our clients in hotels that are comfortable for both of us.

Can I start sex games with a Retirement whore before the date?

It depends on the escort with whom you have the appointment.

Some Retiro escorts prefer to start playing games and sexual messages a few minutes before starting our date. However, others do not feel comfortable with this situation and prefer to leave all the games for the moment in which they meet their client.

Before starting the games, it is important that you ask the escort with whom you will have the appointment, so you will know if you can proceed.

Can Retiro's VIP escorts please me by wearing clothes of my choice?

Of course!

One of the things that we escorts at Retiro like the most is wearing new clothes. Whether they are dresses or lingerie.

We love to please our customers with almost everything they ask of us and if there is a particular item of clothing that would cause you satisfaction when wearing it, we will be delighted to wear it.

Of course, if this garment is not in our closet, you must pay the purchase cost or buy it yourself.

What should I do on my first time with a Retirement companion?

It is quite normal that on your first date with an escort you feel nervous. However, it is important that you know that in order to enjoy your date from the first moment, you must relax.

The Retiro escorts are not going to judge you; So, there's nothing you need to prove to us. Just take care of complying with our rules, arrive very well cleaned and meet the time of our appointment.

At what times can I have an appointment with a VIP retirement escort?

Normally, we do not have schedules. We can have an appointment in the morning, in the afternoon or at night.

This will always depend on the availability that we have to serve you and the days that we take off each month.

For that reason, you must contact us with some 3 or 4 days in advance.

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