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Cassandra Formosa $50
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Cassandra (23)


Formosa Escorts

How much does a Formosa escort earn?

We do not have a fixed number, it all depends on the number of appointments we have.

Not all Formosa escorts have a complicated itinerary. Some of us receive a certain number of reservations per day or per week, because we are human, we need to rest and we have physical limits.

To earn good money, it is necessary to have availability. Each of us earns income depending on her availability.

How do Formosa VIP escorts prevent STDs?

Professional escorts have regular medical checkups. We like to take care of our health and our business.

Likewise, we take all the measures at our disposal to minimize the risk of contagion. And in case of suspicion, many of us prefer to cancel the appointment than expose ourselves to getting sick.

What do Formosa VIP escorts do when the condom breaks?

We got another one!

Most of the escorts in Formosa are prepared for this type of situation. During the pre-appointment talk we ask each of our clients to bring condoms. However, many forget, or pretend to be "bold" and pretend they forgot.

Each of us has a constant supply of condoms to use in emergencies. In the extreme case of not having condoms, we prefer to cancel the appointment.

So if you want to be with any of us, always wear a condom!

How does a Formosa escort deal with a violent client?

Everything will depend on the situation.

A violent person stands out. For the expert eye of an escort, it is easy to identify characteristics that indicate that a person is violent, so we can handle the situation before it escalates.

For security reasons we cannot reveal what our methods are. However, in case the situation of having to deal with a violent client arises, we have mechanisms and devices that allow us to alert people we trust to get rid of the situation.

Do the escorts like what they do?

Of course!

All the escorts in Formosa love to have fun, meet people, travel, go out to eat, have a good chat, walk and end the night, having sex is one of the best things that can be done, who would dislike it?

We love what we do, we enjoy it to the fullest!

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