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What happens if an Agronomy escort does not enjoy the appointment with her client?

Definitely, each client is different from each other and that means that there are some clients who are more pleasant than others, as in any job in which the public is served.

If we do not manage to enjoy the appointment because our client turned out to be a rude or impolite person, we can end the appointment and not serve him again. We do not have to honor all the hours the client has paid for if the client is being outright rude or we feel in danger.

In a friendly way, we can explain to our client that the appointment has ended and the reason why we have terminated it.

How much money a week can an Agronomy companion earn?

It depends on different factors.

Not all Agronomía escorts have the same rate, nor do we provide the same services or special services. This means that each one has a completely different gain from each other.

Profits can also be affected by factors such as the number of customers we serve, the time of year, whether or not we take breaks during the week.

Do Agronomía VIP escorts attend to well-known people?

Generally not.

Because the vast majority of us are independent practitioners, it gives us the ability to decide which clients we want to serve and which clients we prefer not to serve.

A large part of Agronomy escorts prefer to keep our personal and work lives separate. This includes not serving people who belong to our social circle.

Can I invite a whore from Agronomy to a swinger party?

It is a personal decision of each escort and the services we offer.

Some of us prefer not to provide our services for this type of party and reserve it for our clients or for threesomes. However, each one of us is different and therefore our services are too.

It is very likely that many of the Agronomía escorts will be delighted to attend one of these parties with you. However, it is important to raise it before the appointment, in this way you will know if we are willing to carry out this service.

What happens if I don't bring condoms to my appointment with an Agronomy escort?

Agronomía escorts do not have sex without a condom under any circumstances. For this reason, we are very cautious and always have some in our portfolio.

For us, the important thing is always that our client enjoys the appointment at all times. However, the lack of condoms during sexual intercourse can be a cause for the date to end.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you always have condoms on hand. If you have forgotten, be willing to buy them in case the above options cannot be carried out.

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