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Maru LP La Plata $75

Maru LP (31)

Centro Escort
Marita LP La Plata $50

Marita LP (29)

Centro Escort
Chinita LP La Plata $30

Chinita LP (25)

Centro Escort

Escorts from La Plata

Why should I answer all the questions of a VIP escort from La Plata?

All the questions that the escorts of La Plata ask before our meeting are purely for security.

The escorts of La Plata do not ask our clients about their jobs, families or private lives in general. It is extremely important that our questions are answered so that we can feel safe and provide our services.

The privacy and security of both parties are two of the things that matter most to us, you can be completely sure that all the information provided will never be used again.

Are the photos of the escorts from La Plata real?

Of course! 

All the photos that we have placed on our profiles are real and current. You can be completely sure that the girl you have chosen is the girl who will arrive at your date.

ArgentinaXP is in charge of verifying the identity of each of the escorts in La Plata.

How can I know that the whores of La Plata really take care of their sexual health?

The escorts of La Plata would never risk the health of our clients and, mainly, ours. That is why we always require our clients to use a condom and we make it clear that absolutely no sexual encounter will take place if it is not used.

Even oral sex is done with the use of a oral barrier, so that there are no risks of contracting any type of infection or disease.

Do the escorts of La Plata accept tips?


The escorts of La Plata always gladly accept tips and gifts from our clients. We understand that this is something they do because they have been truly satisfied with any of the services they have received from us.

Tips are not included in the rates of the services we offer and the amount will depend entirely on the client.

Is it safe to be a VIP escort in La Plata?

The answer to this question will depend directly on the escort that answers it.

In all jobs and anywhere in the world, being a man or a woman, there is insecurity. It may be that, being an escort, we are a little more exposed to situations that can get out of control.

That is why all the escorts in La Plata take it upon ourselves to ask our clients different questions, questions that may be helpful to get to know them and whether or not we can provide them with our services.

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