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Virtual Vicu $30
cam girl

Vicu (44)

Cami XP Virtual $30
cam girl

Truck XP (30)

Giovanna Frank Virtual $30
cam girl

Giovanna Frank (44)

cam girl

Pamela Smith (42)

Milena Yuka Virtual $30
cam girl

Milena Yuka (23)

Antonella Vip Virtual $30
cam girl

Antonella VIP (36)


Virtual Escorts

What services do the girls of the virtual modality offer?

The escorts that offer our services in the virtual modality, provide almost all the services that a conventional escort, but without physical contact or the escort service.

However, we offer sexting service, calls, photos, videos and sexual video calls.

When can I contact a virtual girl?

In general, to contact us you do not need so much time in advance.

It is recommended that you communicate with us a few minutes before you want to pay for the service, so you will be sure that we have the time available at that moment to assist you.

Can two people contact a virtual modality girl for the same session?

It depends on the girl you want to contact.

Some of us prefer to keep our services exclusive to one client at a time. However, some escorts have no problem taking video calls from more than one client at the same time.

How much does a virtual modality girl charge?

Each of us handles a different rate.

Our services are varied and the conditions to carry them out are also. 

Since most of us work independently, we can set the rate that best suits our services.

Do the virtual modality girls offer GFE service?

It depends on each girl.

Some of us prefer to keep in touch with our clients specifically at the time the exchange is to take place. Some others may spend some amount of time pre- or post-service doing GFE.

Of course, this is provided that the client understands that it is an additional service and must pay the corresponding fee.

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