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Belen Hot ZO Caseros $40

Belen Hot ZO (32)

Homemade Escort
Mariel ZO Caseros $30

Mariel ZO (26)

Homemade Escort

Homemade Escorts

Are Caseros escorts reliable?

Each one of us is totally trustworthy.

This is mainly due to the fact that we are very professional and we are aware of the rules of our services. In addition, we want our clients to feel comfortable from the beginning of the appointment.

We not only take care of our client and their privacy, we also take care of ours. Of course, we always want our customers to come back for an appointment with us.

Do the rates for Caseros escorts include the transfer?

Usually not.

Our rates are only for the services that we are offering to our clients or for the time that we invest in the appointment, details such as our transfer, hotel, food or any additional; must be borne by the customer.

There are some Caseros escorts who have their own vehicle and can offer to drive to the meeting place. Some others can raise the service fee a bit to include the transfer, everything will depend on the escort in question.

How long do dates with a Caseros whore last?

There is no standard time for an appointment with us.

From trips to short one night dates, a lunch or an event; everything will depend on the availability of time that you have previously scheduled.

It is important that our clients take into account that, normally, the minimum time for an appointment is one (1) hour, and that it is necessary to request the appointment in advance in order to assure them that we can attend them for as long as they wish.

If I am staying in a hotel, can Caseros VIP escorts get to the place?

Of course!

The Caseros escorts have no problem in having an appointment with our client inside a hotel where they are staying. As long as this is not a hotel that represents a danger to us.

This is why you must make it clear, when making your appointment with us, where you want the appointment to be; so we can assure you that we can serve you in this place.

Do Caseros escorts give kisses?

Our GFE service, also known as “The Girlfriend Experience”, includes spontaneous kisses and caresses. Likewise, holding hands in the street, casual sex, hugs and so on.

This service is usually requested by clients who want to shorten the commercial transaction gap between escort and client. It is also a service requested by clients who want the appointment to be more intimate, or during their first appointment with us; in order to feel confident.

Outside of this service, kissing will depend on the escort.

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