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Tahis Montserrat $50
Trans girl

Tahis (24)

Montserrat Escort

Montserrat Escorts

Can I request a price reduction for a VIP escort from Montserrat?

Absolutely not!

All Monserrat escorts take our work very seriously, which is why we place the corresponding rates for each of our services. It is disrespectful to ask for a discount.

Do not ask for discounts on our services! Most of us are going to write you off as a customer if you do.

Request our list of services or pay only for the time you want to share with us.

Can Montserrat VIP escorts come to my home?

Generally not. Or at least not on our first dates with you.

For the first dates, we will always choose a frequented place, such as a restaurant. Likewise, we are going to demand that sexual relations take place in a hotel, which would be a neutral space.

Once we see each other several times, perhaps we can negotiate an appointment at home. Of course, you will always have to pay for our transportation.

Can I use a vibrator with a whore from Montserrat?

Of course! 

Montserrat escorts love to experience different things in bed, including sex toys.

Especially if they are sex toys that we can use as a couple, for the enjoyment of the client and us.

As much as we like it, you must have our consent to use them. So, remember to ask us about it when we're in the pre-date conversation.

Do Montserrat's escorts do French?

Normally, yes we do.

This is one of the services that clients request the most, some of us have no problem carrying it out with our clients as part of the usual service. 

However, there are some girls who prefer not to offer this service to all of their clients or to none at all. There are also some of us who offer it as part of a special service.

In order to be sure, you should ask the question during our pre-appointment conversation. We will gladly answer all your questions.

What does a Montserrat escort do in her spare time?

It all depends on the girl who answers this question.

It is often believed that escorts only take care of looking good and that we all do the same. However, most of the Montserrat escorts are quite prepared girls, some of us take our free time to continue doing it.

We go to the gym, attend college, play sports, do office work, whatever. Our private life is as normal as anyone else's.

The activities that we carry out depend on the personality of each one of us and the tastes that we have.

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