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Versailles Escort

Versailles Escorts

What fantasies can I fulfill with the Versailles escorts?

Almost any fantasy you have in mind!

The Versailles escorts are characterized by being extremely open to different practices, which makes us capable of fulfilling almost any sexual fantasy that our client may have. 

However, the answer to this question is very personal and will depend on the escort you decide to hire.

This is mainly because each one of us offers different special services. So, you just have to find the escort that fits the sexual fantasies that you want to fulfill.

Can I send or receive sexual photos of a Versailles whore?

Generally not.

The Versailles escorts are known for not sending this type of material to our clients. Our services are quite clear and generally do not include sending sexual photos because we value the company we can offer the client.

In addition, we take great care of our privacy and security. Within ArgentinaXP there are several girls included in a specific category who are in charge of offering this service and will be willing to please you with hot photos.

What does a Versailles VIP escort do if she meets a client outside of her appointments?

The best thing is to respect his personal space and not approach him, unless he approaches us to say hello, we can cordially establish a communication with him, but it should always be the client who takes the initiative of the contact.

As escorts we must take care of the identity and privacy of our clients, each person has an established private life or is well known in the social sphere. For this reason, it is not well seen that we bother them if we coincide, by chance, somewhere.

Can I call a Versailles escort to hire her services?

It depends on each Versailles escort.

The usual means of contact is through WhatsApp, which is why we indicate our number in our profile.

Some Versailles escorts specify, among our rules, that we only attend to requests through WhatsApp messages, usually from numbers that have a real photograph and that "we do not answer phone calls".

It is important to clarify that each one of us has different ways of making client appointments, so it is very important that you read our conditions and rules before contacting us.

How can I find out the sexual services offered by a Versailles escort?

Generally, the Versailles escorts leave our services specified in our ArgentinaXP profiles. The purpose of this is that when our future clients contact us, they can be aware of what we can offer them.

However, for special or more specific services, some of the Versailles escorts prefer to detail them during the conversation with our clients. In this way, we can determine what special services the client is interested in.

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