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Who I am?

Hi love, I'm Salma vip escort
I'll wait for you in my luxurious apartment in the Palermo neighborhood.
I want to tell you that I am a very sweet, feminine and delicate woman. But in private I am very hot, passionate and daring... the idea is to have an incredible time together!! I am the lover you expect!!
I also do outings, dinners or addresses...
He also performed virtual sex where you will see me live and naked to the point that you will feel that I am by your side until you explode with pleasure... do not hesitate to contact me!

Hello love I'm salma vip escort
I wait for you in my luxurious apartment in the Palermo neighborhood.
I want to tell you that I am a very sweet, feminine and delicate woman. But in private I am very hot, passionate and daring... the idea is to spend an incredible moment together! I am the lover who waits!!
I also do outings, dinners or homes...
He also had virtual sex where you will see me live and naked to the point that I would disappear because I am by your side until I explode with pleasure... do not hesitate to contact me!


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Experiences (42)


1 years ago

A beautiful woman made me feel unique .. sweet nice , fine spectacular leather Her caves her wave An impressive tail .. fiery . I will definitely come back


1 years ago

Divina Salma very satisfied with her service She has a sculptural body just like the photos, a beautiful tail .. my God I really have wonderful attention … and the apartment is a luxury
Everything combines with her the perfect lover


1 years ago

Divine Salma .. very
satisfied with the service
It destroys you, it's something incredible, it has a sculptural body
Just like the photos, I loved a super luxurious apartment as it should be... Total Goddess


1 years ago

Indescribable how this woman blew my mind
P Total Goddess I loved it yes face yes c yes wave
I will definitely come back...


1 years ago

What a Goddess, please, a genius wherever you look at her, excellent Attention!

Jose luis

1 years ago

Terrible goddess an impressive woman who puts you in a number of sensations. Distinguished charming ... I had a great time without words ...

Juan Jose

10 months ago

Terrible Goddess. An impressive woman who puts you in countless sensations distinguished charming my pending account to get married


10 months ago

Beautiful Salma, she is a very elegant and sensual woman. In Sex she is very good and she knows how to make you fully enjoy!


10 months ago

An incredible, sweet, delicate experience, with all the vibes! Lomazo well trained as is in the photos guys, I recommend it 100%


9 months ago

What a fascinating woman. Captivating, your sensuality drove me crazy, you gave me much more than I expected, my favorite, far away


8 months ago

Her skin is soft her face is beautiful an incredible beauty in bed a cat... literally... a fire that catches you


8 months ago

Beautiful treatment, she was my first escort and she treated me incredible


8 months ago

Salma is incredible in every way, very seductive, good vibes, in a sculptural body. Good choice.


8 months ago

Perfect body, having sex with her was magical, apart from being pleasant, good dialogue makes you fall in love...

Juan Antonio

8 months ago

Salma, that body is terrible…perfect…beautiful…terribly sexy
I loved meeting you without a doubt I will return …!


8 months ago

Salma.. once again a magical night, she made me touch the sky with my hands, an incredible woman, a lot of vibes, energy and above all enjoy sex and transmit it to you. Very few women have that virtue, thank you Salma..
wonderful moment


7 months ago

This woman is the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm going backsliding several times. She's pure fire, it makes your head fly. Beautiful. Salma!!!


7 months ago

If you want to know paradise. You have to go visit her, she's unique, incredibly beautiful and seductive, if you want to know what a woman is in bed, visit her once you're with her, the rest means nothing!….. recidivism forever…


7 months ago

What a spectacular body, this woman can do me... that mouth asks for me, I give it to her... have a good time...

jose emiliano

7 months ago

She is an incredible woman. Since the time you fell in love, the vibe, the treatment, the place combines with that glamor that characterizes it. That body of hers, the lips that she has are addictive and she kisses so richly that you forget everything


7 months ago

What a woman 😍


7 months ago

Very and cute, she has a very sensual TV star-type model appearance, she makes you feel like a king, also with a cool girlfriend treatment, many minuses and caresses, in intimacy it is spectacular, a Ten !!

Juan pablo

7 months ago

Salma, you are an incredible woman, sweet, sensual, charming, any adjective is not enough... you are a monument... the best without a doubt


7 months ago

It's a fire, I want to go back


7 months ago

It's an atomic bomb


7 months ago

A divine one!
Excellent treatment, fine woman with an incredible body... she blew my mind... she is entirely dedicated to making you have a magical moment. The best sex in history

Sergio Jose

6 months ago

Salma love, you are everything that is good. You are sweetness and hell!
Thank you for being so unique!!


6 months ago

It was a pleasure to have met you, you are a queen, very fiery, as soon as we saw each other you filled me with kisses that killed me, you left me on fire, I was surprised and wanting much more


6 months ago

The truth is that she is a woman who has to be loved because of the good vibes she has, as soon as I arrived in Argentina I contacted her and I went to her incredible department that she has, she received me dressed to kill, she made me feel an ecstasy of love and passion, what madness, my goodness... okay. the sorrow


6 months ago

The MILF that every man desires...she is pure fire...Divine...beautiful and discreet place.


6 months ago

I went for an hour and it was impossible for me to get away from this woman. It was hard for me to believe that she was just like the photos of her and when I saw her I liked her even more. She is beautiful, fun and a sexual fire… ..a luxury…


5 months ago

Salma, the truth is that it is a sweet addiction since the phone is very cool and when you see it, it is a sweetheart. A delight in bed this Goddess


5 months ago

Beautiful.. it was great to be with her.. no rush, and with all the vibes.. I recommend her.. to die for


5 months ago

Salma! What a woman... an incredible moment she gave me, very affectionate, very attractive, makes me want to stay much longer, you are number one...


4 months ago

What a sweet, sensual woman, passionate sculptural body, soft skin, absolute perfection, I saw her 2 times in a row, wishing to return to Argentina to see her again


4 months ago

Excellent woman! The best service.. the truth is that she is a very sweet, friendly and fine woman.. it has been a long time since she had such a pleasant time…
I loved meeting you Salma…

Miguel Angel

3 months ago

Salma is tremendous, an incredible body, I was there a week ago, it was an hour of pure action. The truth is that you fall in love with her


3 months ago

Good night, I saw Salma again every day she surprises me more, SOS appetizing, in bed a lioness... impressive


2 months ago

Salma is incredibly beautiful, but what caught my attention the most, her way of being, her charisma and sensuality, is a woman who will blow your mind..


1 month ago

What an elegant woman we went to for dinner... beautiful and fine... what a night she made me spend... every time I return to Buenos Aires I will not hesitate to contact her
Thank you very much for your vibe.. SOS a genius Salma.. another level


3 weeks ago

I have to say that this woman is incredible, the idea was to stay for 1 hour but I stayed much longer.. full kisses.. caresses.. many things that are not worth mentioning here. I have met many Escorts but never like this one.. she made me feel in paradise... what a beautiful woman...


3 days ago

How divine you are Salmita.. Super sensual and sex not to mention.. just like what I saw in your photos was what I found when I saw you
Beautiful woman

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