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Who I am?

My name is Desire, an Argentine model, educated and sophisticated. If you are looking for a truly VIP experience, you found it.
Total discretion and relaxation.
With me everything is luxury.
I wait for you in my apartment, with a minibar and decorated so that you can live a unique moment.


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Experiences (43)


9 months ago

Worth every dollar! It is the perfect combination of what one looks for in a woman. In love with you


9 months ago

The softest skin, the sweetest smile and pure fire in bed! Explosive Desire


8 months ago

The best bridal service by far!


8 months ago

very fiery and sensual, the apartment is very comfortable and we were able to have a wine together. oral to the end and a beast in bed. I will be back


8 months ago

I love you morochaaaaaa


8 months ago

I want to thank this beautiful woman for making my last night in Buenos Aires unforgettable. Her beauty, intelligence and sympathy of her make her very special. Thank you Desire


7 months ago

A bomb, I sold my motorcycle, I bought dollars and I called her. I do not regret anything . It's a minion


7 months ago

The most VIP thing I've met so far, a luxury apartment and she's a model to become a boyfriend without further ado

pablo rossotti andrioli

7 months ago

The truth is that very good, a madrilla in bed. I sold a percentage of the total to hire your service... impressive


6 months ago

I liked.


6 months ago

An outfit to go crazy!


6 months ago

The kisses that the brunette gives are to stay and live in her apartment! top of the range


5 months ago

This mine is what I call a true geisha. The kisses she gives with that trunk she has and the service she provides blew my mind. nice investment

Leandro Jorge enanus

5 months ago

Excellent experience! It's a shame he didn't give me the cola... it still left me dry with milk.


5 months ago

Super professional desire, it is in every detail. I'll be back soon it's worth it


4 months ago

I asked him to wait for me natural, without perfume and without makeup and without much production. She opened the door for me in her bathrobe, fresh out of the shower, with a glass of ice-cold champagne in her hand and one for me in the other... without words.

Juan Almiraon

4 months ago

A goddess

Matias Notaro

4 months ago

It was my bachelor party gift a few months ago and I can't get it out of my mind. A fire in bed and outside of the sexual you fall in love with how intelligent, sweet and affectionate she is. A neighborhood girl… explosive combination

Emit Varela

4 months ago

Best $500 spent in one minute, it was worth it


4 months ago

Another level, much more than a simple escort.
If you don't want to fall in love with a beautiful girl with an amazing personality, don't meet her and don't go see her more than once because it is inevitable not to love her and want to return every day. My best investment of 2023


3 months ago

What this brunette rides is unbelievable, she doesn't even give the tail extra but she makes up for it with the gift she has of moving and how well she sucks cock. Yeguaaaa

Ivan m. Chini

3 months ago

Excellent experience with Desiree


3 months ago

Desi is beautiful, the apartment is a total luxury and the service is beyond words. The best of the page without a doubt

Juan Martin

2 months ago

A thousand times prettier in person than in the photo, with heels she measures 1.80. She is a model with the best tits I saw without exaggeration. A desi queen


2 months ago

Very good experience desire. Her house is incredible with a beautiful view and everything is very clean. How he receives you is unique. She is very fine, sweet and in bed hold on because she is going to give you the best blowjob of your life among other things. In short, QUEMUJER!!!


2 months ago

Incredible, she is more beautiful in person than in the photos, an incredible bearing, perfect body, good vibes is not enough, she is divine, she makes your head spin and you want to invest again, in my case I am not interested in the others because of more category that they have,
This girl is unique!


2 months ago

Part of my half bonus went to Desi! Terrible minon, worth every dollar!


2 months ago

Pretty, cool, intelligent, smart, she likes soccer, she rides a motorcycle, all that and on top of that, fucking turns you around like a sock! Next time I'll go and ask her to marry me.


2 months ago

This girl has something else that makes her different and she knows it... we had a champagne, we chatted and I had the best night of my life.
The bridal service she provides is on another level! 10/10 desire


1 month ago

What this brunette rides is crazy


1 month ago

Fun, fine and quite cultured! That surprised me. Desire is that girl that you can proudly present to mom and she will love her. Another level of woman beyond how strong she is and that perfect ass


1 month ago

It's five in the morning and I haven't slept at all thinking about your beauty, I'm going to stop being crazy, insomnia is my punishment, your love will be my relief and until you are mine, I will not live in peace. Goddess baby


1 month ago

fine, fun and blocks away from my job, the best 40 seconds of my life, it blew my bonus, but it's worth every dollar, I'll do it again when you can, thank you.


1 month ago

One of the best, if not the best cock sucking in mj vida. They recommended it to me precisely for that reason and it exceeded expectations.


1 month ago

A brunette with a very porn cut in bed and how well she sucks it! has no competition


4 weeks ago

A very pretty girl, very clean, very nice and helpful, she made me a delicious coffee, we had incredible sex and to close with a flourish after sex we had a very interesting conversation, she is very intelligent and it is very nice to listen to her. She came from a day of a lot of work and problems and the truth is that the energy that she has and that is in her house is so pleasant that it transports you to a mood of total relaxation.
Without a doubt desire is special


3 weeks ago

Beautiful wherever you look at it, the best 500 spent!! has no competition


3 weeks ago

Total first level! Beautiful with a friendliness like few others


2 weeks ago

This woman has 1 on the podium! On the one hand, a beast that turns you around in bed and on the other hand, a super sweet and affectionate girl that makes you fall in love. Experience that I will repeat again and it is worth much more than what it asks for, in my case 1000 2 hours that were a dream


2 weeks ago

I don't know if I liked her or her apartment more... hahaha in the presentation it says that with her EVERYTHING IS LUXURY and I attest that that is the case. She is a true QUEEN


1 week ago

A true VIP escort. I agree to have dinner with me on the second meeting and I can say that dating this woman on my side is not for everyone. She dressed very finely, very sober, she does not look like a working girl who is normally a bit ordinary to dress when leaving. As she told me: LESS IS MORE. But between how pretty and tall she is, she caught the attention of the entire restaurant anyway. She has a very good conversation, she knows a little about everything and that makes her even more beautiful. An interesting brunette. Waiting for our next meeting


3 days ago

Super professional. I recommend


1 days ago

Excellent service from this lady. Very relaxed, he never looks at the clock, he just enjoys himself just like me. I arrived very nervous and in a few minutes he made me feel incredibly comfortable. He knows where to take you and how to make you forget that you are paying. He makes you feel like it's yours, it's inexplicable what he achieves. I take off my hat

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