Premature Ejaculation – Tips to not “leave” before the party starts Posted on 28/10/2021 By Carlos

Premature Ejaculation – Tips to not “leave” before the party starts

Many are the men who suffer from premature ejaculation and this evil affects them, not only physically; there is also a burden with a mental and emotional component, of feeling inadequate and unfit, to satisfy your partner in a sexual relationship. This problem can lead to the breakdown of couples and many times it is a matter that is not attended medically or professionally; because of the shame of admitting it.

La premature ejaculation  It does not allow to develop a good sexual relationship, since the man has an orgasm too soon, leaving his companion with the dissatisfaction of wanting more, but not being able to receive anything in return and having to wait for the boy to recover, although this wait then it has no value, because the problem will repeat itself. Premature ejaculators are generally young and this can occur in one in three men.

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Be clear about what premature ejaculation is

If you want to be aware of What is the premature ejaculationYou must first know the meaning of ejaculating, which consists of the act of expelling semen through the urethra, when the man reaches his maximum point of arousal. A premature ejaculation It is one that occurs in a very short time, something like one minute after direct stimulation of the penis; either through penetration (vaginal or anal) or masturbation.

La premature ejaculation it occurs without man being able to control or delay it; so it generates a psychological and emotional pressure that usually aggravates the problem. This condition represents a common problem among men, to whom it can occur sometime during their sexual life; however, not everyone is capable of recognizing it, much less of informing health professionals or their partners.

What are the reasons why it happens?

It is not known for sure, years of research have not led to a conclusive cause; so everything seems to point to the premature ejaculation it has its origin in non-biological causes, such as psychological and emotional ones.

We must emphasize that this condition is not the product of any disease, sexually transmitted infection or problem with your nerves. Studies have been carried out on the penises of men who suffer from this irregularity and at the corporeal level, the penis presents good conditions.

Classification of premature ejaculation

There are two types of premature ejaculators: those who were born with the condition and who have always been; all the sexual relations they had since they began exercising their sexuality ended in ejaculation in less than a minute; without being able to avoid it. And there are those who after having sex within the range of normality; they began to present symptoms that worsened over time.

In both cases, the important thing is to know how to avoid premature ejaculation and put aside the taboos that surround this condition. Whether from birth or the development of the premature ejaculation, can be treated satisfactorily; if you put effort into it and channel various forms of treatment, to increase the probability of success.

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If I have premature ejaculation, can I hire an escort?

The answer is yes, but as we mentioned earlier, you must report it; because although Argentinian escorts do magic in bed, they are not fortune tellers to know that the client has this condition. In this sense the VIP escorts being professionals in their trade, they know how to handle this type of situation; so that both have an experience where pleasure and satisfaction are the protagonists of the meeting.

An CABA escorts you know what premature ejaculation is; for your sake, he will propose a series of alternatives and elements that can be used to delay your ejaculation. The penis does not always have to be the element of your body that is used the most; Fortunately, women have the ability to reach orgasm in multiple ways.

Seven tips to avoid or effectively treat premature ejaculation

  1. See a doctor. Many times what a man believes is a premature ejaculation, it really is not; as it could present an ejaculation that varies according to the encounters and the times. A health professional will be the person who will tell you whether or not you suffer from this condition.
  2. Speaks. Either with your sexual partner on duty or with the escort Buenos Aires that you intend to hire; Your dating partner needs to know what is happening so that together you can take the necessary measures to delay ejaculation.
  3. Go to therapy. It may be that the origin of your condition is due to something traumatic or because you are under a lot of stress; Whatever the case, it is important that you also attend to your mental and emotional side.
  4. There are medications. At present, a doctor can use a prescription for special medications that allow you to delay ejaculation for a longer time; so you can enjoy intercourse a little more without worrying.
  5. Masturbation exercises. You must educate your body and your penis; To do this, you will do controlled exercises of sexual self-satisfaction, stopping or decreasing the intensity of them, when you feel that you are going to reach orgasm.
  6. Sex does not revolve around the penis. Of course we understand the greatest sensations you will have around your glans and other parts of the penis; but if you suffer from premature ejaculation you will have to consider using other parts of your body, such as your hands and tongue. Believe that your partner will know how to thank you if you also focus on her and not only on you.
  7. Lead a healthy life. Avoid excess cigarettes and alcohol, eat healthy and especially breathe when necessary.


How will you notice the premature ejaculation it is common among men and can occur at any time; however this does not mean that it cannot be treated; That is why the mature escorts They know about this issue and they are still waiting for you.

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