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Friendship with customers - Business is business, without friendship

Have you ever wondered why escorts don't have some kind of friendship with the clients? The relationship that exists between client and companion has always been strictly professional; Because they offer a service that will make you enjoy in bed, in a passionate environment and in total discretion; therefore, he is not someone who has an obligation to cover your emotional state.

Why don't escorts have a friendship with clients?

The companions live with 7 or 15 men a week, days in which the ideal is that work is work and nothing else; However, it is common for clients to ask personal and uncomfortable questions, which are often annoying for any Argentine escort.


Regardless of their background or interests, if escorts form a close friendship with clients, they can cause clients to want more of that feeling; to the point of asking why not be free. You must understand that the reason they make you feel this special is your pay!

Affects performance

If there is too much trust, the line between work and comfort can become blurred, causing a lack of dedication or causing personal problems to come to work; In addition, you may not enjoy their services 100%, since you will get carried away by the sentimental side.

Photo 1 Friendship with clients – Business is business, without friendship

Uncomfortable situations

From the labor perspective, friendship with customers it can lead to embarrassing situations; Thanks to the fact that personal and badly formulated questions are not the case for a VIP escort. Likewise, these may or may not comply with the customer's doubts; After all, the relationship you live in is a mirage and getting out of that performance will only cause misunderstandings.

Fake orgasms

Although escort jobs they have a good time working, rarely climax with a client; therefore, when she maintains an attachment to clients, she may try to look good and fake it; if she's honest, choose to finish herself while you watch.

Labor distractions

When the companions have a friendship with customers, it is inevitable that emotions increase, as well as trust and intimacy; however, if the relationship becomes closer, problems can quickly manifest themselves and trigger a sexual deficit.

Fantasy ends

The job of an escort girl is to give the client what they ask for, what they want to hear, what they want to experience; behaving and owning the fantasy, even if you don't feel totally comfortable. Now, when friendship does its thing, you may not be able to live as long as you want, by trying to be in the comfort zone of your companion.


Like everyone else, lies affect any relationship and sustaining one can be quite serious, even more so, when you have one friendship with customers; Because they can bring difficulties to work, avoiding enjoying good sex.

Photo 2 Friendship with clients – Business is business, without friendship


Another point that favors not having a close relationship with clients is mutual trust; At first everything is rosy, excellent, but as the months go by, it changes completely, damaging the reception or the inadequate personal presentation.


Most mature escorts avoid having a friendship with customers due to the difficulties that this entails; feelings, lies, absurd thoughts and trust are exposed and affect what is work, and nothing but work.

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