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Bisexuality - The fun of playing with bisexual escorts

La bisexuality is a powerful attraction when VIP companions is spoken. Many clients actually have a preference for choosing bisexual women when they want to form a threesome in the company of more than one escort; because the thrill of enjoying sex with two beautiful girls who are attracted to each other is definitely a powerful aphrodisiac.

However, some might have their own doubts when it comes to defining what is bisexuality and how could it; the service of a bisexual escort, to be something different from a type of lesbian sex (very exciting).

The truth is that the bisexuality It is not a myth for advertising, nor an experimentation phase; it is simply the indistinct sexual attraction of a person to both men and women.

A sex worker, like the independent escorts, you are not required to accept other women as clients if you are not comfortable with it. Or even participate in threesomes.

This is a personal preference and although many are willing to do many sexual practices to please their clients in the best possible way. The bisexuality Some companions make them lovers more willing to accept this type of act.

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And we know that disposition is everything when it comes to a night of pleasure. So while the types of bisexuality They can be as varied as the perception of the user who experiences the attraction identifies it, despite having questionable beliefs about it, the remarkable thing about any point is that with a bisexual escort the affections become much more interesting.

Benefits of sharing a bed with a bisexual partner

La bisexuality points to an open mind, despite not being different from any other physical or sentimental attraction; A bisexual escort is more willing to enjoy the pleasure she can get in the company of other women as well as male clients.

This, of course, is very beneficial when setting up a date and deciding to experiment with other girls in the equation. That both the companion and the client can be equally attracted to another woman increases the chances of enjoying the sexual encounter more deeply.

With a bisexual escort, if your desire is to experiment with duplexes, or to be a spectator of a lesbian scene; She will develop naturally, touching and receiving pleasure from another girl with the same enthusiasm that she would show you.

The discomfort or annoyance of pretending to feel sexually aroused would no longer be present. Because, despite being professionals; Sex will always be a lot more fun when everyone involved is comfortable and willing to play their part.

Myths and realities of bisexuality

Ignorance or biased perception towards people who show a type of sexual orientation different from "heterosexual" or "homosexual" totalitarians; it is often the cause of strong stigmas or stereotypes that can lead to confusion and even discrimination towards a certain group.

For that reason, here we will clarify some of the most common myths about bisexuality, exposed by the bisexual writer Lina Bembe; to help objectively locate some views that could affect clients' perception of these skilled women.

Bisexuality does not mean being willing to do everything, or to be with everyone

As could happen with anyone who is attracted to another, being bisexual is not synonymous with "giving everything that moves." Sexual attraction is inherent to the person and a bisexual is no different; You will not be willing to enter into sexual contact with everyone just because you find female forms as desirable as male.

A bisexual escort can feel comfortable and even excited when her job leads her to participate in a threesome with clients of both genders, but nothing more. It does not mean actively looking to catch everything that comes your way.

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Bisexuals are insatiable because they have more to choose from

Again, bisexuality is clearly a preference for some genders; not just one, which in no way defines the person's sexual appetite or ability to have intimate relationships with others.

That an escort is bisexual does not influence the way in which she chooses to enjoy her work, that is a matter of preferences or even needs.

They are attracted to men and women alike

In a sense of the term, this statement is correct, but not entirely accurate. Bisexuality can encompass attraction to all gender spectra that are not limited solely to cisgenders (male / female).

In other words, a bisexual person may be attracted to men, women, transgenders or any other known gender expression; not including the first two, and still being able to define herself as bisexual.

Bisexuals do not enter into serious relationships with people of the opposite sex

No, bisexuals can, if they want to, have a stable relationship with a person of the opposite gender and still remain bisexual. Bisexuality indicates that a person is attracted to people of different genders, that can of course include the “opposite” sex.

That, for example, a bisexual woman finds her life partner in a man does not mean that she suddenly no longer likes or feels desirable sex with another woman. 

The sexual preference will still be there, he might still want to have sex with another girl or the gender of his preference. It just happens that, like anyone else, he found someone with whom he feels comfortable enough to want to stay with him; it does not imply that one taste necessarily prevails over another.

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La bisexuality In the world of escorts it is an attractive trait that does not necessarily define the preference of the companion for a sexual practice or another type of client. However, it is a lot of fun and it is highly desirable to have a cute bisexual escort to play experiment with threesomes.

If you are curious to learn more about these topics; visit our blog and you will find all the wonders that these talented girls have to offer together with the tips to enjoy the best sexual experience with an escort.

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