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Anal sex - Tips to carry it out in the best way

Among the different types of sex, knowing which is the best is a matter of taste, and for those who do not know the anal and oral It is one of the most enjoyable. To practice it, you must follow certain tips so that the act does not go wrong and you can enjoy a lot of pleasure; reaching ecstasy and even up to a anal orgasm.

Brianda VIP escortsThey are women who know very well how to practice it and what must be taken into account to enjoy the anal and oral as it should be. The practice of this type of sex has always been and will continue to be a taboo subject, but every day there are fewer people who think that.

Photo 1 Anal sex – Tips to do it in the best way

Anal sex what is it?

It is a sexual practice; where the penis or sex toy (if it is anal masturbation) is inserted into the anus and rectum of the partner with whom intercourse is practiced.

Tips to start anal sex 

For both men and women, anal sex is very stimulating, both sexes tend to like it because of the sensation it produces. Many people are curious and want to start in this type of sex and for it; It is essential that you take into account certain tips when practicing the anal and oral.

The first thing to do is know how to breathe, relaxing in this practice is the main protagonist. You should breathe in and out in a rhythmic and deep way, in this way the anal muscles will relax easily.

To avoid pain at the time of sexual intercourse, it is recommended to practice first on your own; that is, try to introduce some of the fingers little by little. This should be done in complete privacy and without anything around that could stress the environment.

Another way to try it is with dildos or dildos, which exist in different sizes, this will help to progressively dilate the anus.

Another element that you can not miss to practice anal and oral painless are lubricants; These should be applied very well in the anus, on the fingers or dildo; when they are ready, it is also necessary to place lubricant on the penis.

Sensations that are achieved when practicing anal sex

Photo 2 Anal sex – Tips to do it in the best way

Something that brings a lot of pleasure is knowing how to fuck in the anus and there are two people to make this practical reality. First is the receiver, who receives the introduction of the penis on the spot and second is the giver; both characters can take great pleasure in having anal and oral.

The receptor

The recipient is usually in this case the partner or vip escorts, who will bring the feeling of narrowness; an effect that usually produces a lot of pleasure to the man thanks to the prostatic pressure in the phallus. Similarly, women can have a anal orgasm.

Another way to enjoy yourself is with erotic toys, such as penis harnesses. These are elements that are often used by mature escorts and that integrate their services; with the aim of providing men with greater pleasure and joy in their internal G-spot.

The donor

This name is given to the person who does not receive and who is in charge of giving the anal and oral, it is usually the man.

In the case of men, it is the most successful sensation of all; since they have their P point next to the prostate and due to the narrowness of the woman's vulva, they manage to feel pressure and therefore manly joy.

Best positions for anal sex

In addition to taking good care of hygiene, being relaxed and excited, the appropriate positions of the Kamasutra should be taken into account to practice anal sex:


It is a position similar to those of open scissors, at the moment of penetration and arousal; which guarantees a minimum of pain. Above all, in the intimate parts of the woman, the friction with the clitoris stimulates much more with anal sex.


It is a very innovative position, it requires an athletic state, since the development of this position requires it. In this case, the giver is located between the legs and in an agile way must penetrate the recipient through the anus. With this posture a great level of excitement is exerted, since the parts are more receptive and enjoy the practice.


It is an ideal position for very athletic people who are capable of doing any position in bed; as is the case of west zone escort, who are experts doing this type of sex. Here the woman must place her leg towards the head and enjoy the pleasure and anal orgasm.

Benefits obtained with anal sex

Photo 3 Anal sex – Tips to do it in the best way
  • The risk of leaving or becoming pregnant is avoided; in this way, surprises are avoided if you are not looking for a child and much more when practicing with someone with whom you do not have a romantic relationship.
  • Tensions are released, when the anus is penetrated, certain nerve endings are usually stimulated that are not taken into account. Thus achieving the release of hormones responsible for the relaxation of the body.
  • To women the anal and oral It can help you eliminate headaches, tension, muscle aches and even cramps caused by menstruation. This is due to the analgesic effect of endorphins and oxytocin that are released in the body.
  • It is a powerful rejuvenator that even favors the effect of beauty. It is said that when semen is released into the anus there are benefits; such as, that the seal that is located in this area is absorbed in an efficient way, facilitating to reduce wrinkles and increase vitality.


El anal and oral It is one of those experiences that, if the couple feels comfortable, they should definitely give it a try. It is a different and intense sensation that everyone must explore at least once, taking all the precautions about it; either with your romantic partner or with experienced independent escorts.

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