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Photos verified in November 2023 by ArgXP.
It is recorded that this person does not have a criminal record, according to the MJyDH.

Photo by Sweet Lexa

Who I am?

Hello love! 💗💗

Last days in Argentina! 🥺

I'm Lexy, a tender redhead waifu with very fiery honey eyes with a unique sensuality ♥︎.

I tell you that I am a cosplayer model, I can play your favorite character and I assure you that I will fulfill your most intimate fantasies.

My service stands out for my incredible passion 🔥 (boyfriend vibes) wet kisses, caresses, looks and more...😏.

But above all I stand out for my curves, breasts, tail and mouth, all natural! I do not have plastic surgeries.

Measurements: 100-65-105 reales, you can see it in my videos, I assured you that I'm going to drive you crazy 🥵💦!

I'm a college student 🤓seriously (so I ask you to book an appointment in advance).

I consider myself a cultured woman with a sense of humor, friendly and very warm 🧚🏻‍♀️.

I love sports, a healthy life, horses and the world of technology 🎮 In my free time, gamer and otaku 😝.

📍 I have my own apartment with all the comforts in Palermo.

  • I provide virtual service, I am in the top 10% in Argentina on onlyfans 🇦🇷.

📌 Payment methods: cash, transfer and cryptocurrencies.

I know tantra and bdsm, I accept threesomes and solo women too. Willing to travel wherever you like 🌎.

I'll wait for you daddy to delight you with my sweet flavor and squirt 🧸

I don't serve Brazilians!!


Photo by Bianca Rossi

Sweet Lexa

is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Photo by Xiomara MP

Experiences (37)


1 years ago

The best thing that ever happened to me was being with a natural beauty like Lexa, literally the best! Divine, sensual and discreet. Wild and tender, you can't ask for more!! I already want to repeat!!


1 years ago

She is the most incredible and rich woman I have ever met. She is a pleasure as she makes you feel, fun and hot like no other. She fills you with kisses, pampering and in sex she is unmatched. To repeat over and over again.


1 years ago

A real surprise, in this world full of deceit and lies, she gives you what she promises. Not to mention the naturalness of her curves, something that is no longer seen. And to finish, I don't want to let her sexual expertise go by, she knows all the tricks, a genius. Super recommended.
Pd, I already repeated several times ha.


1 years ago

The combination of beauty and sensuality, there is no woman more pleasing to the eye than her, always with respect and discretion I adore her and I will return as many times as I can to visit her

Max Max

1 years ago

sweet like no other, she is naive and at the same time super hot, she maintains that girlish purity but knows very well how to blow your mind and make you feel tremendous pleasure.
lots of kisses… she fulfills the oral expectations that you can have when you meet her (pt) and ends with you as if they were boyfriends. She has skin that you can't stop touching, caressing and kissing...
it is to repeat many times… fun and hot… I FELL IN LOVE!!!!


1 years ago

Honestly very cool experience. She very beautiful and divine. You can talk about anything, the night was a pleasure. Apart from the completely amazing sex 11/10


1 years ago

She is much prettier in person , the time I spent with Lexa I had an incredible time , she complied with everything I asked of her so I left happy , I will surely come back .
Another thing they had never made me laugh so much (in a meeting) is very funny! I felt comfortable at all times, greetings!


1 years ago

This woman is everything a man needs in his life, the moment she makes you spend is incredible, apart from being beautiful and intelligent she makes you feel comfortable and never rushes you, so don't hesitate, you want to live a unique moment, it's here !!! Cheers!!!!


1 years ago

I loved lexa, an encounter that will remain etched in my memory forever, she is a goddess, her perfect body and that soft and beautiful skin she has, very cool, nice and always with a good predisposition. nice to meet you


1 years ago

Unique experience a great woman gives you everything even if you don't ask for it, she ends up next to you and moans in a way that drives you crazy Repeatable without a doubt

Diego M.

1 years ago

ufff, how to describe it, a different experience to all, with a category difficult to find in a girl her age, she is attentive to everything, always a smile, very good vibes.
He made me feel like a man with all the letters wave boyfriends and not a client who fulfills a shift, because he gives you free participation, I never hurry or look at the time, some passionate kisses and some pampering that make you feel unique.
I can't wait for it to be available to see it again.


1 years ago

She is something incredible.
100% true.
100% true.
Sexy, bountifully, young, god person, positive.
You can't miss this girl….. you will remember her for the rest of your Life.

Trust Me, there is no other woman in Argentina Like Her.


11 months ago

There is no better company lady. She is a queen and she always treats you like a king. The only problem is that the photos are misleading, since she is much more beautiful in person. If you want to experience something out of the ordinary, don't hesitate for a second.


11 months ago

Really excellent! It's a 10 out of 10 in every way. Very tender and at the same time very passionate. The spectacular truth!


11 months ago

Really spectacular. It's a 10 in every way. Very tender and passionate. Spectacular!


11 months ago

Beautiful, nice, makes you feel very comfortable (important for shy men like me).
It is even prettier in person than in the photos. Incredible sex, in all aspects.
I would even go on a trip with her for days that I would surely have a great time!

Carlosmusician artic M.

11 months ago

I felt very comfortable. Personally, I had a good vibe with her… and I think she also with me. I'm not an easy guy, however, she adapted to what I was asking for. I'll comment more in a few days

Carlosmusician artic M.

11 months ago

I felt comfortable… I think we hit it off, at least that's how it seemed to me… I'm not an easy guy, in any case she was doing everything I asked her to do and what arose between the two of us… In a few days I'll comment more


11 months ago

What to say about SUCH A WOMAN (in capital letters), words fall short. I don't leave comments about other girls but in this case it's impossible not to. First, I was struck by her energy and her beauty that, despite intuiting herself in the photos, personally amazed me. Only with a smile did the world disappear and an experience of those worthwhile began. For those who are interested in data, the apartment is very nice and discreet, she is beautiful, with a small body but with the curves where they have to be, the face of a beautiful girl, addictive skin, cool boyfriend treatment and incredible vibes and sympathy. In bed she knows what she makes of her despite her sweet little face and she makes you feel like a king but you have to treat her like the queen that she is. And she also tries not to talk too much because you're going to lose your mind and you won't go home anymore.


10 months ago

I give it 5⭐️. I was in Argentina on vacation and
I met this charming woman, 100% reliable
I recommend her, she is very loving and without rush, super affectionate and kind.
And the most important thing is COSPLAY. I greet everyone.


10 months ago

I was with her recently, it was my first time in this world, I was very nervous, I told her about it and she knew how to get along excellently, beautiful wherever you look at her, you can talk anything with her, crazy. In her privacy, you don't have to ask her for anything. Great.

chief of guatape

10 months ago

girl with a sweet disposition. Legitimate pictures, looks like her de ella fotos de ella in real life. She has a great tight body, looks as good naked as in clothes. But more importantly she has a good attitude and affectionate personality, puts in a lot effort into her work de ella so there is an unhurried natural atmosphere when you spend time with her that never feels like a mechanical routine.


9 months ago

10 points, it was my first time with a girl and I didn't have to tell her anything, she knew exactly what to do and how to handle the situation at all times, besides how incredibly interesting she is, you can talk to her about anything

Diamond ID

9 months ago

The truth is a unique experience, not only is she beautiful and super sensual, but also the treatment is incredible and the talks are super interesting.

We took a trip together and it was incredible, everyone's a companion, she always has something interesting to talk about, besides she radiates joy. The lord is also a crazy thing.

I love them very much, obviously I'm going to keep going, and I'm going to always choose her.


6 months ago

I wanted to tell my experience with lexa from 4 months ago
First of all, she is like in the photos, she is a unique woman in the world, beautiful, very sociable, sexy and above all intelligent.
I arrive at the apartment, I go to the bathroom to igenize myself.
I go out I see her and I drool to see such a woman. making the delicious with her is the best. After the hour I left very happy. finishing my story I had a good time with her
I will be back for the third time with her soon


5 months ago

When I arrived, he offered me a tremendous variety of drinks, flowers and he prepared everything for me in an incredible way, completely professional, an impressively beautiful woman, the things he does are crazy.


2 months ago

VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE sexually, it also made me feel very comfortable, she is very beautiful and original, I recommend the experience, which is a 10. Her way of being is incredible.


2 months ago

The most beautiful and sexy woman I've ever been with. At all times he makes you feel like a king, and on top of that he is very charismatic, it shows that he does not force it, but is cool. At the sex level what to say…. It is touching the sky with your hands, the best xp I had with an escort. I would repeat 1000 more times


2 months ago

The best without a doubt, super affectionate and attentive, intelligent and beautiful, it's 100% worth it.
A super divine woman, all natural and the best experiences in every way, I fell in love...

foreign idiot

2 months ago

Visited her 3 times:

Pics are real and recent
Body is 100% natural
Hygiene is perfect
Sexy outfits, lingerie – perfect



2 months ago

I want to share my experience with her a few months ago.
I contact her via WhatsApp, we coordinate the day and time and when she arrives she opens up and I see her wow 😍 what a beautiful woman in every way ♥️. I go to the bathroom for a small shower, I come out and see her in a red outfit. We started with some kisses 💋 then a cute Pete to Full, I ask for lining and he climbs on top of me, we did it in several positions, he finishes and I am destroyed. Time passes and we went for the second one, I was a little tired but she could tell that she could go on all day, the second fuck left and that was it. I changed and said goodbye, I promised myself to see her again because it was worth every peso, I opened thousands of women but none like her, whoever hurts her must be an idiot
Happy to be able to meet her and enjoy the delicious 😋


2 months ago

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Lexy. The same bomb that one sees in the photos and videos. I went to see her at her nice, neat apartment in Palermo. He treated me to something to drink and we chatted a little. Before going to her bedroom, she offered me to choose the lingerie I wanted for her from her closet and I chose the smallest thing I could find. That and a Catwoman mask; a feast for her eyes when she returned from the bathroom wearing that.

I'm going to spare the most intimate details in bed, but she is extremely accommodating, and I don't think anyone will regret going to meet her. I'm not happy with just the most routine type of service, so trust me when I tell you that you won't regret it. Gives 100% of what was promised and more too.


1 month ago

She is a beautiful woman, the photos do not capture the level of sensuality that accompanies that monument of a body.
Intelligent, but really, no flat talk, all content, delicious. Attentive, delicate when it should be.
As far as passion is concerned... God... I'm going to have a hard time forgetting those moans, super hygienic, but extremely perverted. Like losing your mind, your will and your ego.
Few beings in this life captivate so much.
It is a 100% Succubus, you leave with your legs shaking but your soul full.


1 month ago

An experience on another level
Super 🔥🔥 super good or whatever, I get the hell out of it, and in the end we stay talking about life and music.
I loved it and I'm going to come back for more..!!


1 month ago

The most perfect body I have ever seen. Zero surgeries. Just pure perfection. She is hot and she enjoys it.


4 weeks ago

I have had the opportunity to see it several times and each time it was an unforgettable moment. It's easy to think that I'm exaggerating but the truth is that she's not like that... first of all her photos don't do her justice, Lexy is much more beautiful in person and has given me some incredible moments in every meeting. She is also fun, intelligent and gives you all the cool. Rarely have they made me feel as special as she does.


1 week ago

She is beautiful and takes wonderful care of you, super charismatic and leaving you wanting more and more.

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