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Who I am?

Hello, my name is MONICA, I am a real licensed massage therapist, reikist, holistic therapeutic reflexology. I am in the Palermo neighborhood, meters from the shopping. I offer relaxing, relaxing and sensual massages.

I have my own first-class place in both aesthetics and hygiene, which is why I demand the same from my patients. It is an exclusive space with all the comforts for your well-being.

I'm waiting for you to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience that will definitely make you want to come back!!


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Experiences (8)


2 months ago

Monik's service is impeccable, of High Quality, a balanced combination of Body, Mind and Spirit. Excellent professional.


2 months ago

I went and the worst happened…. I fell in love and she is very professional. Be careful, it's a one-way trip.


2 months ago

Without a doubt, it IS the perfect combination that can be found in a super professional and hyper sensual masseuse at the same time. They say that it is impossible to have all these virtues together, but there is always an exception to the rules and it is called MONIK.


2 months ago

I went to see this woman, she opened me dressed as a nun (very elegant black pants and a bodysuit) and I don't need more than just her hands to make me go into space. I didn't ask him to take anything off. I understood that with her voice she takes you on a terrible journey. I will return to see what hides so much mystery and professionalism.


2 months ago

It is everything one is looking for, 100% real massage. She is just like the photos. Her body is a thousand. The impeccable place. How she talks and how cultured she is. My God!! It is a potential danger, where was this woman all this time??!!! I didn't leave because I already want to return. Monik, you are a step up, I congratulate you!


1 month ago

Am I the only one in love with this woman? You can't get enough of so much beauty, it's just to have it on your nightstand. Or at a dinner under candles. I can't believe what her hands do on my body. And I can't believe I'm the only one praising this lady, am I special?! I melt for Monik. I hope that she is for me too, so I ask her to be my girlfriend.


1 month ago

Mystery solved! She is magic! It is a luxury, her whole, her hands…. That doll face she has. It's sweet... and those curves. She is 100/100 unique in this world. I got a heart attack with that silk skin. Guaranteed stop!


3 weeks ago

Monik I love your superwoman smell, your hair, your smile, your face... Thank you, I am in love with your entire being!

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