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Photo by Mic

Who I am?

My name is Mic. An experienced escort willing to make you come back.
Te espero en mi Dpto. ubicado en el barrio de Cañitas donde la hospitalidad y buena energía no pueden faltar para hacer especial este encuentro.
I pay attention to every detail and I genuinely give myself to generate that connection you need.
With a nice smile, sexy, helpful, affectionate and professional.
Total discretion and relaxation.


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Photo by Marii

Experiences (43)


10 months ago

Simply spectacular, better than ever


10 months ago

It couldn't be more comfortable, from talking, kissing and being with her she is a delight, very intelligent and sensual.


10 months ago

10 out of 10 impeccable service, I repeated it several times and I don't regret it, the best oral sex


9 months ago

It's a ten if you rate it out of ten. The truth is beautiful and does everything possible to make you have a great time. The only point against it is that there is a danger of falling in love becoming a vice. You are great mic


9 months ago

To start, the area is beautiful and discreet. The apartment is super comfortable, tidy and clean. Maximum comfort before the game. Regarding it... it is a 10 wherever you want to cover it; from the physical to the treatment and sex. She is the girl in the photos and more. I really had a great time.


9 months ago

Very good everything out of 10, excellent apartment. Good zone


9 months ago

The best experience I took from Buenos Aires was with her. Since I received her in my room it was a true delight, she is beautiful, gentle and easy to talk to. She came with pink lingerie that turned me on and in bed she is the real Goddess. I kissed her all over her delicious body and she in turn gave me oral without which she took me to heaven. Highly recommended.


9 months ago

Super service as always, excellent service!!! She is a 10


9 months ago

Absolutely amazing. she is stunning in clothes and when she takes them off…WOW. She gave the best head I have received in a long time and let me put her in all the positions I wanted. Definitely going to have her over again.


9 months ago

A 10 in every sense, from the presence, the education, the vibe, and of course a unique beauty (much better than in the photos), all those attributes later transformed into my best experience in bed, it was incredible, it is a fieraaaa, a thousand stars, I recommend 1000%


8 months ago

A very good experience. She is a 10, very delicious kisses, spectacular oral and a fire in bed. Highly recommended.


8 months ago

Flawless. It's the only way to describe it. An example for all escorts. Exceptional professionalism and superb attention. Mic makes you feel like a king


8 months ago

Second time in a week. That should tell the whole truth. Mic is just fantastic. I came out completely renewed


7 months ago

She is VERY pretty, with the cutest smile I have ever seen in my life. Plus she's super cool and fun. To put it in teenage terms, I now like her.


7 months ago

You already realize that she is beautiful in the photos, much more so in person, but external beauty is inherited, internal beauty is formed and this woman is much more than an escort, I felt that I had known her for a long time and that is priceless. . She has a unique treatment and she deserves the same and much more. Thank you for the little time you gave me, Mica.


7 months ago

Excellent experience. She is just like what you see in her photos and she has the best vibes. The best oral sex I've received in a long time


7 months ago

Simply spectacular!!!!!!!!!!


6 months ago

A geisha, very accommodating, good vibes, everything out of 10, she makes you feel super good, she says yes to everything. The place is impeccable, if you go to see it you will not regret it


6 months ago

It is really a pleasure to enjoy how charming it is. Much more than the girl in the photos. A very sensual woman with a very kind treatment, a Goddess.
Thanks Mica!


5 months ago

Amazing woman! His kisses and caresses are fascinating! A lot of orientation towards the satisfaction of the other. Today I became one of his admirers!


5 months ago

On Saturday I met Mica, from the moment she receives you the treatment is excellent! She looks like a friend or girlfriend you've known for a long time. As for her, she is much more beautiful than she looks in the photos and the service is incredible! You can't miss it! Obviously I plan to return! thank you mica!


5 months ago

Excellent service, from moment zero, beginning to end, exceptional, the comments on the site fall short, a very beautiful girl, sexy, sensual, daring and above all with a lot of good vibes! Impeccable apartment, good conversation, you really can't ask for more. Thank you very much for your time ☺️


4 months ago

She is prettier than in the photos, she is nice, sexy and has all the cool, 10 out of 10 the service, I would return a thousand times!


4 months ago

It is a divine mine, it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, I fully recommend


4 months ago

It's the best one on the entire page, you have to make a huge effort to not end it quickly


4 months ago

Cute, educated and very affectionate. Very good oral. Recommended


3 months ago

By far the Best!! Each comment is as is. It has everything a man expects from an escort and woman. Infallible!!


3 months ago

Excellent. She is beautiful, the attention divine. Mr. Delicious.


3 months ago

A goddess !!! Very pretty and very good presence!! Divine wherever you look at it, the best oral!!! She is much prettier than in the photos!!! I will be back soon !!!

The Marian

3 months ago

Impressive minón, a volcano. Real photos, one thousand percent real; Their service is excellent from the moment they respond to your WhatsApp - a fundamental asset for shy people like me.
Giving details of the encounter would be rude to her. I invite you to validate my experience through your own means. I was with several girls from her membership and believe me, we are in the presence of the talisman. The undisputed 1. My xp was from a few hours ago and I find myself invaded by a terrible melancholy. Thanks Mic.


3 months ago

It is a love, very delicate.
I go down to open it dressed to kill.
I will see her again.


3 months ago

It is just like the photos, super nice.
Good talk, and in hellish bed.
You have to repeat


3 months ago

A charming woman, warm and sensual. I had a great time and I will surely see her again.


2 months ago

Late but safe. Beautiful Mic. Great vibe. Spectacular deal. She is spectacular.


2 months ago

A very pleasant encounter, the perfect combination of sensuality and good vibes, Ella Divina!!!
100% real photos, good conversation, he makes sure that the meeting is immersive and flows in both directions. It not only creates the atmosphere but also transports you there, it totally exceeded expectations, so much so that I immediately repeated it. If you have a chance to be with her, do it!!!


2 months ago

Excellent experience wherever you look at it, beautiful place, beautiful it, neatness wherever you look. Kindness, sweetness, conversation, you couldn't ask for more.

Western Buddha

2 months ago

Not to be missed, if you still have any doubts about visiting it, don't miss it, it's worth every minute, it leaves you breathless!!! Good vibes and lots of delivery!!! I will surely return…


1 month ago

I just got out of spending an hour with her, and I really didn't want to leave, haha.
Beautiful, warm, intelligent, seductive, plus a fire in bed. Guaranteed addiction. Thank you Mica for an afternoon that is difficult to forget. The difficult thing is going to be avoiding the temptation of seeing you again, haha.


1 month ago

It is difficult to add something that they have not written before, without a doubt Mica is one of the best there is on this page.

It is a love and makes you feel confident from the first moment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.


1 month ago

Mica is everything an escort should be, pretty, affectionate, cool girlfriend, great, super nice, I will definitely come back because there is much more to savor about this beauty.

anonymous couple

1 month ago

We are a heterosexual couple and we called Mic to form a threesome. We recommend her 100% for her dedication, concern, eroticism and respect for the couple. an unforgettable experience.


4 weeks ago

I attest that it is just like the photos. Very beautiful, pleasant and cool. A 10 out of 10!


3 weeks ago

I was with Mic on Saturday, she is prettier personally, she has tremendously soft skin, everything smells delicious, sexually she is beyond everything she does well, she really falls in love, be careful, she is mine hahaha, and the place is very nice and comfortable, clearly I will return , thank you 🙌

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