Marianna Starter $30

Marianna (37)

Entre Rios, Argentina Escort
Loretta Starter $30

loretta (43)

Sabrilov Caba Starter $30

sabrilov caba (29)

Saavedra Escort
Wanda Starter $30

Wanda (25)

San Telmo Escort
Angela Starter $30

Angela (28)

Belgrano Escort
Jime Starter $30

Jime (39)

Villa Urquiza Escort
CAMICAMITA Starter $30

SHIRT (26)

Almagro Escort
Mimi Starter $30

Mimi (23)

Palermo Escort
Lucrecia ZS Starter $30

Lucrecia ZS (50)

Quilmes Escort
Natasha CP ZN Starter $30

Natasha CP ZN (19)

Bongo bell Escort
Troli Caba Starter $30

Troli Caba (28)

chas park Escort
Micaela ZN Starter $30

Micaela Z.N. (26)

Escobar Escort

Escort Starter

What is the rate of a starter escort?

Starter escorts do not have the same rate for our services.

But you can meet them by entering ArgentinaXP, clicking on our photo and then contacting us at the number that we have left in the profile.

Be polite and only write to us if you intend to book. Rest assured that you will have fun with us, you just have to specify the date, time and place where we will see each other.

How much can a starter escort earn per week?

It depends on different factors.

Each escort starter handles a different rate for the services it offers.

In addition, this will also depend on the number of clients we serve throughout the week, if we take breaks or not.

The weekly income of each escort depends on these factors, therefore, establishing an estimated figure is impossible.

How much does an escort service charge for a starter escort?

It depends on the companion who answers the question.

Likewise, this will directly depend on the type of event we attend or if the date will include sex at the end.

The truth is that, in addition to these factors, there is no fixed amount for our services because each one of us handles different rates and services.

What services does a starter escort offer?

In addition to different sexual services, the starter escorts can also offer company service for various events to our clients.

They can be social or executive events with a happy ending, or just sexual service, we can offer these separately or together depending on what our client requests.

Can an escort stater come to my home?

This is usually not something we do on first dates.

To take care of ourselves, we prefer to see our clients in places that are crowded and have a prior chat before going to the room.

However, we can make some exceptions for our most trusted or long-standing customers. Everything will depend on the treatment you give us during the first dates.

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