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Hi how am I Lonso. Very hot Caribbean guy and a very good lover.


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1 years ago

He made me face down and climbed on top of me… and I spread my legs to let his dick enter my desperate vagina…. she penetrated me abruptly with that huge thing to the point of a little pain! ….
He searched for my tail….it was even worse…but he continued because I let him…at that moment, he made a strong sigh of pleasure…. while my hands squeezed the sheets as a sign of pain and he enjoyed… ..with each crazy thrust. He entered a little more... in a couple of minutes my dilation was complete. And I take advantage to put myself in four. Hold my waist tight and take me to his liking.
I felt subjected and very whore... we were pure passion and morbidity... He suddenly starts screaming. - DO YOU LIKE IT? ..I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT…. ..
? WHAT YOU LOVE??? I asked him…. Morbid…. YOUR ASS WIDE OPEN…!!! he said…
His passion increased every moment and his chirlos….
Then he sped up the action and I felt like the end…was near….
My shell was a river... and my tits... came and went to the rhythm of his fucking
He started the final thrust…and I was able to enjoy myself madly when his cock throbbed very hard inside me…the heat of his ejaculation…made me cum too…I just screamed…and after a short moment we collapsed I recommend it


1 years ago

One of the biggest and hardest dicks I've ever tried


9 months ago

I want to try that beautiful cock

Rebecca and Lucas

1 month ago

We saw it with my husband and the truth is that the experience was super hot, he is very versatile and pleasant! That night was incredible, we hadn't enjoyed it so much in a long time! It's always tough, that's how we both stay 🤭

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