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Hello Papasito, I would love to meet you, if you like Latinas with good curves, I am the perfect combination of sweet and hot❤️‍🔥Caribbean my love, I await your message.

In addition to being a fitness girl, you will love to see my soft skin, a passionate cinnamon color, with a good perfume, I will always be impeccable to see you.


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Experiences (8)


1 month ago

How tremendous this babe is, her ass moves you and leaves you wanting to be with her even more, she enjoys the pleasure of a fire in bed.
Better away!!


1 month ago

This woman is incredible. For me, the best thing on the page ever. When she lets you down to open it you can't believe it. You feel that everything turns out well for you that day! Terrible kisses, top-notch sex, the best vibes, it's crazy stuff. Physically she is just like the photos, a bomb, and I would say that she is prettier personally. I come back every time I can!!!


1 month ago

This mine is what I call a true geisha. The kisses she gives with that trunk she has and the service she provides blew my mind. Nice investment, I saw that he loves sex a lot, we did it without a problem for a long time, I didn't hear a no about anything! I will return beautiful brunette


1 month ago

I was with her….a body that makes you fall on your ass, it's incredible, very good vibes and beautiful kisses…she has a problem that once you meet her you can't get her out of your head anymore…it's something that makes you fall in love…beautiful discount well set… rich aroma…. all of 10000
I recommend can't miss a tremendous woman. THERE IS NO REGRET


1 month ago

She is small with a nice ass, fine toned legs, her skin is very soft, I gave her some massages that made me very warm, she has very good curves of a Latina, I had a great time, she is very cool, she doesn't rush you with time, you want to stay further
Vacation days with her, a pleasure to meet you beautiful lady!


1 month ago

A tremendous female luxury


2 weeks ago

She is much prettier, her hair, her legs, her skin and her accent warms you up a lot. She talks to you to keep you warm. She is a fire. She is dark.


1 week ago

What a hard piece of ass 🤤

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