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Who I am?

Hello sweetheart, welcome to my profile.

✨ I'm Jazu from Puerto Madryn, a 26-year-old brunette.

✨ To wit: I have a tight schedule so you have to write to me 24 hours in advance to coordinate with a reservation yes or yes.

✨ With me you will feel comfortable from minute zero, I try to provide a complete experience since I really enjoy what I do 🩷

✨ From the meeting you will take away: pampering, kisses, talks, sex, connection.

✨Here you have a #spiritualwhore. If you drink you get a little message from the cards 🔮

✨ I am very open to fetishes so ask me if you have any in mind.

✨ I'm bisexual so if you like threesomes, I'll do it with a friend. Ask me info.

✨ I ask for a selfie to finalize the meeting and my fee is 100 USD in ticket or pesos at the blue dollar sale value. I DO NOT ANSWER CALLS OR AUDIO. I wait for your message 🌹


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is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (28)


3 months ago

The woman of your dreams does not compare to such a beauty...
She is total sweetness personified in a beautiful and incredible young woman!!!
Don't hesitate to talk to him, you won't regret it!!!!
The best of waves and super extroverted!


3 months ago

A queen with all the letters!
Super attentive, Sweet and educated.
Hell in bed, I'll be back 😈


3 months ago

Spectacular, I loved it, beautiful, a brutal energy, what an experience I will be back for sure. Also, the tarot and breakfast were pending 😬


3 months ago

People, I have never been with a woman with such a good vibe, predisposition and I can continue with the adjectives. It's a love! Since they receive you with a smile it is a lot. Beautiful body and beautiful sex. I will be back!!


3 months ago

Beautiful cool and a total fury


3 months ago

Cool, beautiful. A whole bomb stops the senses


2 months ago

I think she described herself perfectly, authentically. And it is what you are going to find an authentic and extremely pleasant experience, I left renewed

I think she described herself perfectly, authentically. And it is what you are going to find, an authentic and extremely pleasant experience, I left renewed


2 months ago

Everything was amazing, my only regret is that I didn't have more time. It's the best by far.


2 months ago

Those legs, that tail, that back, those breasts, everything that is. That woman is my description of paradise, in which I would stay to live if I could. I didn't think so much perfection was possible until the moment I spent with her, of course I'll do it again, I'll probably get addicted. She is the best and worst drug.


2 months ago

Excellent experience in every way, she is a beautiful, intelligent and cool woman. 100% recommended!


2 months ago

A recommended brunette, nice delicate, I had a good time


2 months ago

She is simple and only she will be my reason to return to Argentina, the best gift from Buenos Aires.


1 month ago

Without words Jazu beauty, you are everything that is good on the planet, I could write here a thousand more words that would not do you justice, I promise to return.


1 month ago

A crazy woman!!! Highly recommended, affectionate and fiery. I will be back for sure and soon


1 month ago

The truth is a 10, better than the psychologist, cute, charismatic, she has an incredible ass and delicate skin like porcelain, smooth as silk and exceptional in water, I highly recommend


1 month ago

Superlative experience! Kazu connects and enjoys together with the guest. She is a lover of sex, she makes you feel sensations that she has never experienced before by the things that she does to you. Woman to discover. I will visit her again soon!


1 month ago

A crazy woman!! Sweet, nice and a beauty wherever you look at her !! Coco would say she is an elixir!! Without a doubt I will return !!!


1 month ago

Thanks to Jazu I have lived an extraordinary experience. Pleasure at his best. simply a Goddess


1 month ago

Any comment falls short, everything about her is 10, beautiful in every way, friendly and with the best vibes, highly recommended.


1 month ago

Very nice company, besides being beautiful Jazu is very nice, sweet and has a special energy, she makes you have an incredible moment. A pleasure to meet her!


1 month ago

Beautiful southern girl! You won't regret it!


1 month ago

Great experience, mix of spirituality and lust. To come back!


1 month ago

This woman drove me crazy, without a doubt I will return a thousand times more. Sweet and sensual like no other, the best of all? kisses her A pleasure to meet her!


4 weeks ago

Jazubaby is a goddess! Very very pretty and a body that is a work of art! I had an amazing experience. A lot of passion, very good talk, fantastic kisses, I would like to repeat it again and again.


2 weeks ago

Yes, those eyes that you see in that photo are hers, that skin, the hair and the hollow of the back.

What you won't feel unless you know her is her laugh, or feel her kisses, or appreciate her caresses.

If someone asked me to define Jazu with one word, what I would say is genuine.

Thank you for your presence!


3 days ago

She got out of the taxi, I saw her from afar and I was already excited to see that she is a thousand times more beautiful and sexy in person than in the photos. The best vibe from the beginning. A pleasure from the pre/post talk to everything else. 100% to see it returned


23 hours ago

A sweetness, combined with the face of an odalisque. She looks into your eyes, eats them and swallows all the slime9


8 hours ago

I was with her yesterday, we had a threesome with a friend that she recommended to me, what a nice time we had, good vibes, beautiful, I think she's actually much more beautiful.
Thank you for our unforgettable night.
I hope to reoffend.

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