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Domande frequenti by the massaggiatrici

What happens in one of our massaging sessions?

Prima di tutto ci incontreremo al punto d'incontro. This may be in our apartment, at your home or in your hotel room. Once we are safe, proceed to remove and remove the bag. When you return to the place where you are in the bathroom, you will spend the rest of the night. Once the teaching is finished, we will start working soon so that you can rest on your bar, on your bed or on your tatami. Once again, we will proceed to start the massaging of your needs. Start with a normal massaggio little by little and we will always be there all intimate. Secondly, we will provide you with different types of sessual services. Quindi scegli bene

I our massaggi sono sicuri?

Obviously! Non c'è nulla da feare, all noi siamo perfettamente preparati per eseguire massaggi e sappiamo bene quello che facciamo. We guarantee that when you finish the section lascerai happy and with the voice of ripetere.

I massaggi a lieto fine sono illegali?

Affatto. Siamo simply because adults who fanno cose da adults dove c'è consensus da entrembe le parti. Quindi no preoccuparti. Finché sarai rispettoso nei nostri confronti non avrai mai any type of problem.

What is a tantric massage?

The response will vary from second to second. In reality, my tantric massages are ancient Indian techniques, and they are erotic. The scope of tantric massage is not that of farti eiaculare, but rather to carry a high level of light through massaging in its diverse part of the body, compresses and genitals. Il tantric massaggio è un'arte e ci vogliono anni di pratica per migliorare le tecniche. Obviously, we are not fully capable of perfectly realizing this technique, but at least it is true. Try it once and you will enjoy it forever.

What does massaggio tatami mean?

In genere, all and massaggi come from those that are sdraiati. Now if you can use a traditional bed, a professional massage bed or a tatami. The tatami parola is a Japanese finish and is fundamentally a medium-sized stuoia or stuoia that comes from the pavement. The execution of the massaggi on the tatami presents some advantages, such as the most spacious and easy to move and avvicinarci to you.

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