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Who am I?

My name is Mic. An experienced escort willing to make you come back.
Your appearance in my apartment located in the quartiere Cañitas do not have the possibility of maintaining good health and good energy to render special things that are uncontroversial.
I pay attention to the details and sincerely dedicate myself to generating the connessione of those who are great.
With a beautiful smile, sexy, available, affectionate and professional.
Discretion and total relaxation.


Photo by Giuliana ZN


I'm waiting for your message Scrivile, non farla aspettare.

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Experience (43)


10 months ago

Simply spettacolare, migliore che mai


10 months ago

Without being able to be comfortable, talk, share and stare with something that is delightful, very intelligent and sensual.


10 months ago

10 your 10 impeccable service, the ripetuto più volte and no me ne pento, il miglior sesso orale


9 months ago

A ten was valued by his ten. The truth is beautiful and everything is possible for much fun. The only negative point is that the pericolo that the innamoramento had a vizio. Sei a big microphone


9 months ago

To begin with, the area is beautiful and discreet. The apartment is super comfortable, organized and neat. Massimo comfort prima della partita. For this purpose... there is a 10 ovunque your voglia coprirlo; give the physical to the treatment and the session. Read the story in the photo and other anchor. My sono davvero amusingly moltissimo.


9 months ago

Very good all your 10, eccellent apartment. Good area


9 months ago

The greatest experience that today is in Buenos Aires is stata con lei. When I receive my food, it is truly delicious, beautiful, gentle, and easy to talk to. She is coming with the pink lingerie that I have enjoyed and the letto is the real Dea. Ho baciato tutto il suo corpo de ella delizioso de ella e lei a sua volta mi ha dato un orale senza portarmi in paradiso. Highly controlled.


9 months ago

Excellent service come always, excellent service!!! I read it as a 10


9 months ago

Absolutely fantastic. It's wonderful when you wear it and when you touch it...WOW. She has given the best test that I have received very quickly and has allowed me to put it in all the positions that I have left. Sicuramente riavremo di new.


9 months ago

A 10 in every sense, in the presence, in all the education, in the atmosphere and obviously with a unique beauty (very beautiful in the photo), all that are attributed to the transformation in my greatest experience in the world, it is incredible, it is fierce, mille stelle, consiglio 1000%


9 months ago

A very positive experience. There are 10 days of delicious food, a spettacolare orale, and a dark room. Highly controlled.


8 months ago

Impeccable. It's the only way to describe it. An example per tutte le escort. Eccezionale professionalità and massima attention. With the microphone you will feel a real


8 months ago

The second volta in a settitimana. This dovrebbe tell all the truth. The microphone is simply fantastic. I am not completely new to you


7 months ago

È MOLTO carina, con il sorriso più carino che abbia mai seen in vita mia. In fact she is fantastic and entertaining. Per dirla in termini adolescenziali, adesso mi piace.


7 months ago

Già ti accorgi che è bella dalle foto, much of the live, ma la bellezza esteriore si eredita, la bellezza interiore si forma e questa donna è molto più di una escort, sentivo che conoscevo da morto tempo e che no prezzo. There is a unique treatment that merits the strength and quality of the product. Thank you for the short time that I have agreed, Mica.


7 months ago

Great experience just like what you saw in your photo and the best vibrations. Il miglior sesso orale che ho ricevuto da moto tempo


7 months ago

Simply spettacolare!!!!!!!!!!!


6 months ago

A geisha, very comfortable, good vibrations, all 10, you will feel super good, say yes to all. The post is impeccable, go and see it without seeing anything


6 months ago

È davvero un piacere apprezzare quanto sia affascinante. Most of the ragazza in the photo. A very sensual lady with a very gentle treatment, a Dea.
Thank you Mica!


5 months ago

Extraordinary Donna! I suoi baci de ella e sue carezze de ella sono affascinanti! Molto orientation alla soddisfazione dell'altro. Oggi was one of her favorite admirers!


5 months ago

Saturday I met Mica, the moment you receive the treatment is the best! Sembra un'amica o una ragazza che conosci da molto tempo. As far as I know, she is very beautiful as she sees the photo and the service is incredible! I can't miss it! Obviously I have the intention of ritornare! thank you mica!


5 months ago

Excellent service, from the moment zero, from the beginning to the end, from time to time, and comments on the site are insufficient, a very beautiful, sexy, sensual, audacious and soprattutto band with so many good vibrations! Impeccable apartment, good conversation, you can't wait to hear anything. Thank you very much for your time ☺️


4 months ago

She is beautiful in her photo, she is nice, sexy and has everything beautiful, 10 her 10 il servizio, ritornerei mille volte!


4 months ago

È a divine miniera, you will feel your agio e rilassato, I deeply acknowledge it


4 months ago

The best part of the page requires enormous effort to not finish it quickly.


4 months ago

Carino, polite and very affectionate. Very good oral. Consigliato


3 months ago

Say great lunga il migliore!! Ogni commento è così com'è. There is someone who looks for an escort and a lady. Infallible!!


3 months ago

Eccellente. It is beautiful, the attention is divine. Signor delizioso.


3 months ago

One dea!!! My love and my last presence!! Divino ovunque I kept it, il migliore orale!!! She is very beautiful as she is in the photo!!! He turned it quickly!!!

Il Mariano

3 months ago

Impressive Minón, a Vulcan. Photo vere, reali al mille per cento; Il loro servizio è eccellente dal momento when responding to your WhatsApp, a fundamental laugh for the person who is shy like me.
Fornire and detail dell'incontro sarebbe stato scortese nei suoi confronti. I invite you to validate my experience with your mezzi. But with diverse ragazze of your appearance and credimi, we look at the appearance of the talisman. L'indiscusso 1. My xp era di poche ore fa e mi trovo invaso da una terribile malinconia. Grazie Mic.


3 months ago

It's a love, very delicate.
I go up and press it into a tight dress.
The rivedrò.


3 months ago

Just like in the photo, super beautiful.
Belle chiacchiere e in un letto infernale.
Devi ripetere


3 months ago

A fascinating, calm and sensual lady. My sono divertita moltissimo e sicuramente rivedrò.


two months ago

In ritardo ma sicuro. Beautiful microphone. Ottima atmosphere. Affare spettacolare. Lei è spettacolare.


two months ago

A very magical discovery, the perfect combination of sensuality and good vibrations, She Divine!!!
The 100% real photo is beautiful, ensures that the incontro is consistent and fluid in the directions. Not only does it create an atmosphere that transports you even more, it has totally surpassed its expectations, so much so that it has grown ripe. If there is the possibility to stare with law, failure!!!


two months ago

Esperienza eccellente ovunque lo guardi, posto beautiful, beautiful, pulizia ovunque guardi. Gentleness, sweetness, conversation, not if you can chiedere di più.

western budda

two months ago

I won't lose, let me anchor any dubbio when visiting it, don't lose it, it's worth every minute, last forever!!! Good vibrations and so many slogans!!! Ritornerò sicuramente…


1 months ago

Avevo appena finito di passare un'ora con lei e no volevo davvero andarmene, ahah.
Beautiful, broth, intelligent, seductive and with in più a fire in the bed. Guaranteed dipendenza. Thank you Mica for a difficult dimenticare pomeriggio. The difficult thing will be to avoid the temptation to rivederti, ahah.


1 months ago

Difficile aggiungere qualcosa che non abbiano già written, senza dubbio Mica è uno dei migliori che ci sia en questa pagina.

It's a love and you will feel safe at the end of the first moment.

If you're ready to do it, don't worry about it.


1 months ago

Mica è tutto ciò che dovrebbe essere un'escort, carina, affettuosa, fidanzata simpatica, fantastica, super gentile, turnederò sicuramente perché c'è molto altro da assaporare in this beauty.

anonymous copy

1 months ago

If we have an eternal copy and abbiamo chiamato Mic to form a trio. We respect her 100% for her dedication, concern, eroticism and respect for her partner. an indimenticabile experience.


4 weeks ago

Attesto che è proprio come in the photo. Very beautiful, piacevole and fresh. A 10 its 10!


3 weeks ago

Sabato sono stata con Mic, personally è più carina, has a straordinarily morbid skin, all has a delizioso perfume, sessualmente va oltre tutto ciò che fa bene, si innamora davvero, fai attenzione, è mia ahahah, and il posto è very beautiful and comfortable, chiaramente tornerò, thank you 🙌

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