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Corsa leggera Trans Star $200
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Corri leggero (28)

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Nahi Trans Star $150
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No (28)

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Natty Trans Star $100
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Natty (32)

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Lali Trans Star $50
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Lali (23)

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Antonella Trans Star $50
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Antonella (30)

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Hurrem Trans Star $50
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hooray (51)

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Agustina Gonzaga Trans Star $50
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agostina gonzaga (37)

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Zamira Trans Star $50
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Zamira (37)

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Tahis Trans Star $50
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Tahis (24)

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Divine stella trans blu $50
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divine azzurro (26)

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Celeste Montiel Trans Star $50
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Celeste Montiel (25)

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KENDAL Trans Stella $50
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Trans star escort

How do I protect the Trans Star escort from sexual malatties?

All this way in which all the ragazze of other categories is taken if I turn on the cure of this.

In general, the accompagnatori do not dovrebbero, in nessun case, have rapporti sessions with nessun client without the use of the condom.

Other than this, we only want to visit the doctor for 3 or 6 months to avoid any possible illnesses that may occur.

Co'è a Trans Star escort?

Siamo transessuali escort.

We will tell you in our description first and our clients will have an appuntamento con noi.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that, as in other categories, our services are not concentrated only on sessional services. We serve our company as a company for our clients for important holidays or celebrations.

What fantasies can I perform with a Trans Star escort?


The Trans Star escort has a very wide cast of fantasies that we can satisfy for a client. Dal gioco di ruolo e sesso a tre, al servizio GFE.

Most of the time we work independently, so we can regulate it individually. Ti consigliamo di chiederci prima se possiamo aiutarti aiizzare la fantasy que hai en corazón e no to throw it away all'improvviso.

Can you do without a preservative with a Trans Star?

Surely not.

Ne with a trans escort, ne with nessun'altra escort.

Non dovresti fare sesso without preservative with nessuna delle escort. First, let's wait for the night to start and, second, let's wait for you to turn on the last night.

And don't worry, we will always provide you with the portability, and we will always have someone at your disposal.

How much does a Trans Star cost?

The largest part of our Trans Star escort is that I work voluntarily; Pertanto, we factiamo indipendente. This is permette, other than scegliere and clients with whom you interact, so that we can determine the price of our services.

The tariff varies second from the service that the client wishes to assume and, in some cases, the expectation that the accompagnators may be available.

For more information on our tariffs and services you can click on our photos and contact via WhatsApp.

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