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Black diamond protection $600

Protection (25)

Puerto Madero buffer stock
Celine black diamond $700

Celina (33)

Puerto Madero buffer stock
Mikaella black diamond $600

Mikaella (22)

Palermo buffer stock
Desiderio Diamante Nero $600

Desiderio (26)

Puerto Madero buffer stock
Gal black diamond $600

gallon (23)

Palermo buffer stock
Anastasia Diamante Nero $600

anastasia (24)

Palermo buffer stock
Principessa Diamante Nero $600

Princess (25)

Palermo buffer stock
Martinina Diamante Nero $600

Martinina (32)

Palermo buffer stock
Amore Regina Diamante Nero $500

regina dell'amore (24)

straws buffer stock
Amparo ZN Diamante Nero $600

Amparo ZN (25)

nordelta buffer stock
Martinina ZN Diamante Nero $600

Martinina ZN (32)

nordelta buffer stock

Black diamond escort

What service will you escort Diamond Black?

The Diamond Black escort offers various services to our clients. Mainly party escort services, work events, piacere and session services.

Ci sono anche quelli che possono essere subdivisi in quelli che ci piace chiamare “servizi speciali”; As they travel both internally and externally in the country, special session services may include GFE (Girlfriend Experience), PSE (Porn Experience) and BDSM services.

Our special services that we offer and our tariffs are only available exclusively from our customers.

Dove dovrebbe essere il mio primo appuntamento con un Diamond Black?

Generally, Diamond Black escort prefers that our first appointment with our clients avvenga in an affollato place; eat a restaurant or the hall of a hotel.

Non tutte le escort haveno un dirizzo dove possiamo serve our clients or preferiamo separate the work from our personal space. Inoltre, this is also valid as security method for noi and for our clients.

Can you take a trip with a Diamond Black escort?


Una delle attività che piace di più a noi escort Diamond Black è viaggiare, soprattutto se accompagna uno dei our exclusive clients; It is possible to travel via executive routes.

That we must keep in mind that we will pay the fare per day in which we travel with you and turn on our charge during the trip.

Can I use sex toys with a Diamond Black escort?


With the Diamond Black escort, the piacere is non-fine and non-limited. I giocattoli sono almost always and benvenuti a letto; Purché tu abbia il consensus di ciascuno di noi per il suo utilizzo.

If we have accepted to use it, we will run your imagination.

How long can you see a Diamond Black escort?

Whenever you want!

There is no period of time to which you can limit your viewing, so we will abbiamo the time available to serve you and can cancel the corresponding tariff for that time.

It is very important to keep in mind that the minimum time we give to a client or that a client can assume is a time.

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