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Immagine di Gattino

Who am I?

Ciao treasure ❤️ I consider myself a person with aperta, attentive and appassionate mentality.
Lavoro eats escort and model on webcam. My dedication is also to the study of musical art at the university and I am a yoga instructor, who will see when we find that we are very flexible and will always believe in a beautiful atmosphere in no other way.

To see my apartment, discreet and independent, in the Palermo quarter, we can relax without concerns 💋
Ford along with the house and hostel for your comfort.
It is available for gite and appuntamenti with coffee or a beautiful companion for various events, with or without a fine finish.

My link to every session, copy, trii and other proposals per sessioni stravaganti 🌈
The person will appreciate that they apprezzano and detail the good quality of the completely personalized sessions that are offered to them.

To request feedback from my clients, please ask me for an introductory selfie photo.

The daily tariff is 100 USD or the equivalent in Argentine pesos or other value, at the exchange rate of the blue dollar of the day of the region.
Accept payments in USDT for your preferred blockchain.


He is foreign and does not speak Spanish, he speaks fluently even in English.
We may share the moment in Buenos Aires in my place or in yours.
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Photo by Violeta ZO


I'm waiting for your message Scrivile, non farla aspettare.

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Photo by Morita

Experience (16)


6 months ago

Kitty is fantastic. Her skin was morbid and her baci were deliziosi. She will immediately feel a unique connection and it is worth resting for one day. She has seen me in her impeccable apartment!
I strongly advise you to be surrounded by a beautiful natural woman.
I turned it quickly


6 months ago

Sono from Bariloche but we are coming on vacation to Buenos Aires and we are just about to return to a spettacolare serata.
If we went to dinner and abbiamo turned around the city with my machine, read another way and it's beautiful and the photo is the best tourist guide. Conversazione eccellente e a letto le parole is not enough to describe the status elevated to who you carry. I don't enter any of the details because I'm a gentleman.


6 months ago

Senza dubbio an affascinante donna, mi ha accolto nel suo apartment con ottima energia e buona musica. She has a personality and an adorable body, you will feel very excited there.
My data is the best oral of my life


6 months ago

Giorni went to Buenos Aires because of my vacation trip and his friend Kitty for an appointment.
This is very fun and funny! I'm happy to find a beautiful piece of furniture inside and out.


5 months ago

We had a video recorder and my sono innamorato. Purtroppo is not from Buenos Aires, I travel only to see it. Thank you for your good vibrations, Kitty


4 months ago

Hey beautiful lady! She has rubato il cuore


4 months ago

Essere adorable. My favorite new activity is to visit you.
If you see the sensation of touching the sky with the hands in every sense, you read that right one.

Juan Carlos

two months ago

I will go and find Kitty for a month's paio is diventata una necessità, mi ha innamorato. She is a dea!


two months ago

Simply impeccable WOW in no way


two months ago

Lei è divinely beautiful. Her apartment is very loving, polished and well-arrested.
One of the greatest experiences of my life. Thank you!!!


1 months ago

Non ho mai lasciato un recensione, ma questa Signora deserves five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (and even more!)
We are about to arrive in Argentina for a journey and stay near a woman who will share a coffee, a passeggiata and good sense. The connessione was 🔥 è discrete in public and very loquace (la conversazione riguardava stili di vita, film, cose esoteriche, musica, spiritualità e altro ancora), la sua corazón de ella e il suo bel viso de ella mi eccitano.
Premium is paid for 2 hours, but the application to the coffee is so beautiful that it is not enough to pay one hour in two for each session. Tutto was delicious.
Excellent service! This tempi is difficult to find which is sweet and spicy. Read the sign of the photo, and anchor it beautifully face to face.
Thank you for seeing me so happy! Le ragazze argentine lo fanno meglio ❤️


1 months ago

A compressor roller is brown. Your vision is beautiful when you look at it, the view is beautiful when you climb and you see strong. If you see that he is born per questo.
I'm very happy and I'm going to sleep happily


1 months ago

letterally 100/100, beautiful person


1 months ago

Sono andato a trovare Kitty un paio di volte, donna bella interior e outi, un atteggiamento nei confrontationi del sesso rarely seen, se averssi soldi ci ricadrei ogni giorno. 100% consigliato


3 weeks ago

Il tempo con Kitty vola via. Divina ovunque guarded her


3 weeks ago

Kitty is a sesso locomotive, you passa sopra la testa. If it is not in its condition, it will liquidate. Bella donna, scelta sicura.

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