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Escort Floresta

What type of personal information does the Floresta escort provide?

Everything depends on the Floresta escort who will answer this question. These types of information vary depending on the race.

We only need to deal with the private life of our clients, but we also want to take into account the privacy, but we also need to know what kind of information we can help you get to know a little bit about the person who will accompany you. Take a selfie with the date and the time of the day in which we are talking.

This allows you to meet the people we will serve and feel safe in your company. Inoltre, we know if we can or will serve you.

What happens if the application is annulled with a VIP accompagnatrice from Floresta?

This is not something that you access very specifically, but when you access, the Floresta escort has a different way of managing this situation.

In general, when a client cancels or does not confirm the application itself with advance notice, it is classified as “unaffidabile client” or “undesired client” to which we will not provide the service again.

Therefore, it is extremely important that if you verify any inconvenience during our application, you can cancel it any day or any time.

Could you find a special discount if you were a regular customer of the Floresta market?

Surely not.

The work of the Floresta escort is serious as qualsiasi other professione, reason why the tariff is stable to ensure our services are the final tariff and only we do not apply “special tariffs” to a client.

Noi escort apprezziamo che ci trattiate con rispetto e, allo estesso moda, che le nostre tariffe siano ripettate.

When a client requests “special prices” we only take it as an undesired client who cannot cancel our service.

How do I prepare the Floresta escort for an appointment?

The first preparation of an appuntamento varies to second of the escort who chiedi.

In general, all our Floresta escorts have a nice dress that fits all the situations. Inoltre, we have polished and prepared very well first of all to satisfy our client.

Inoltre, possiamo travestirci se ci come chiesto di indossare un capo di abbigliamento specifico o truccarci in moda speciale. The main idea of ​​the preparation is to appear in the best possible way to evoke sensations in our client.

Can you want an escort from Floresta to talk to someone?


All the escort Floresta amiamo soddisfare the fantasies of our clients. If a fantasy is spoken first, during the session; We will be happy to say goodbye.

Devi only chiarirci quali sono and limiti verbali che hai, but not surpassi nel farlo. The important thing is that the session rapporto and the incontro siano piacevoli per entrembe le parti.

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