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Solcito Tucuman $30

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Tucuman Escorts

How can I book an appointment with a VIP escort from Tucumán?

The easiest way to hire our services is through ArgentinaXP

Here we are all independent escorts who decided to advertise in the largest directory of escorts in the Southern Cone to reach more people. 

You just have to click on our profile picture and look for the button that will take you to our conversation via WhatsApp. We promise you a direct and personalized treatment as long as you are polite and respectful.

Remember to tell us the date, time and place of the service you want to hire.

Do the Tucumán VIP escorts go to the client's home?

It is an option, but only after the first few dates.

For our safety, we prefer that the first appointments be in crowded places, but discreet if requested by the client; such as hotels or our own departments.

After a few appointments we can go to your home, however, all the escorts in Tucumán have different rules, so it will be better to consult our willingness to do so.

Do Tucumán VIP escorts allow photos to be taken during dates?

Although it is not impossible, it is not common for us to agree to take photos. Most of us don't allow it.

Neither during the date nor during the sexual encounter!

Although this is not a rule for everyone, some girls may agree and others may not, it is a personal decision of each Tucumán escort to take photos with their clients.

Should I book my appointment with a whore in Tucumán in advance?

Definitely yes! 

It is recommended to make the reservation 2 or 3 days in advance, however, this will depend on our schedule. 

Contacting any Tucumán escort for a date with just a few hours apart is almost unlikely to be achieved, not impossible, but very difficult!

The VIP escorts who are independent manage our agenda on a weekly or biweekly basis, which is why we are almost always committed to a client by the time you write to us.

Before booking an appointment with us, you must take into account that there are dates with a greater number of reservations; such as holidays and weekends. Therefore you must book in advance.

Can I haggle the rate of a Tucumán VIP escort?

Do not!

Whenever we deem appropriate, we may grant some benefits to our regular customers, or to those customers who hire us for long hours, but our rate is fixed and non-negotiable!

Any way you try to “negotiate” our services will only cause us to ignore or block you.

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