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Victory Sarkany (35)


Escorts from Santiago del Estero

Is it better to be an independent VIP escort in Santiago del Estero or to work for an agency?

This may depend on each of the experiences that we want to live as escorts in Santiago del Estero.

As escorts, we have a great advantage when we offer our services independently; because, in addition to being able to choose the type of clients we want to serve, we can also organize our agenda in the way that is most comfortable for us. 

A large part of the beginner escorts choose to start under the tutelage of an agency to learn about the business and create a client portfolio that will be profitable for them when they become independent.

Do the escorts in Santiago del Estero like what they do?

Although many of us who work in this profession, it is not what we dream of since we were little; We have all come this far of our own free will.

There may be different reasons, but the reality is that all the companions of Santiago del Estero enjoy it and what it generates for us.

We are proud of what we do and the way we do it! We understand that it is a job like any other, even if it is full of social prejudices that others do not.

Do the VIP escorts of Santiago del Estero hide their trade from their family?

This is an answer that each of us can answer differently.

There are those of us who keep this life hidden from our family, however, we need to promote ourselves on pages that are within the reach of anyone with the internet and running away from that is more difficult than it seems.

All the whores of Santiago del Estero work with our bodies, with our faces; and this allows us to be quite easy to recognize by anyone in our social circle.

Many of us have made peace with this situation and freely live our work, others have not.

Is there competition between the escorts of Santiago del Estero?

Of course! It is a small market and everyone offers what they can.

In general, the VIP escorts of Santiago del Estero live in constant competition with our companions. Escort work is a market with little demand compared to other trades, which means that each reservation for one escort means one less for another.

However, there is something for all tastes and that is something that you have to know how to exploit. If we highlight our attributes, our clients always want to return. For this reason, we have an open mind and try to learn new sexual and seduction techniques, in order to expand the services we offer and our client portfolio at the same time.

How do the whores of Santiago del Estero treat a client for the first time so that they want to return?

We always treat our clients excellent! 

The only way to treat our client, no matter if it is their first time with us or if they are a regular client, is to treat them very well.

As long as our client is not a rude person or that in some way they have gone overboard with us; We must show ourselves kind, sweet, educated and willing, always!

Likewise, with each appointment we show off our qualities and seduction skills. This is how we ensure a good recommendation and the return of our customers.

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