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Xiomara Miller San Juan $30
Trans girl

Xiomara Miller (21)


San Juan Escorts

Do the escorts of San Juan like their work?

This question may have a different answer depending on who answers.

The vast majority of us like what we do because we enter this job voluntarily and we have a good economic remuneration for our services. However, at the end of the day it's like another job,

Even so, we are very professional with our clients and the time we invest.

So you shouldn't worry!

What does it mean to be an escort in San Juan?

Although our services are not far from the escorts of other provinces, we are the best!

The escorts of San Juan offer VIP escort services to our clients. This means that you will always have the opportunity to try MORE of us! As long as it is agreed and they have the financial availability to do so.

We relate to anyone we like and offer escort services for social events, executives, business dinners, weddings, and many more.

We like to provide an exclusive service that focuses on the attention of our contractor.

What is a kiki?

A "kiki" is a quick sexual encounter. What is known as a “quickie” or “quick fuck”.

The interesting thing about this is that it must be done in a short time and almost anywhere!, which makes it more exciting.

We're always up for it though, and we love the rush of adrenaline! The whores of San Juan like to meet certain parameters to carry out a KIKI safely; for example, using a condom is a non-disputable requirement.

How do the escorts of San Juan deal with stalkers?

As women, we have all come across a stalker or two, but when you are a VIP escort in San Juan, this is more of an occupational hazard.

To the companions, we generally find stalkers who usually present themselves through social networks or the contact number that we place in our authorized profiles. When this happens we block them from all the profiles we have available.

If the situation happens in person, we usually notify someone we trust so that they can be aware of what is happening. Thus we have the protection of a third party for our protection.

If these steps do not work, we file a complaint with the competent authorities.

How much does a VIP escort from San Juan earn?

It depends…

As San Juan VIP escorts, we try to choose a cost for our services depending on our experience and level of quality for our clients. Of course, we try to get to know them before meeting them, and this can be a slow process. 

Generally, the service for which we are sought is not just for sex. There are clients who request a previous company for an executive party or discreet business dinner where they want to show off a beautiful woman.

And of course yes! Many of these dates end in sex. But our income will depend on the number of appointments we have and the services you request from us.

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