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Lucifer Corrientes $300

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Key (27)

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Corrientes Escorts

How to be successful with an escort from Corrientes on my first date?

Although this may seem easy, the truth is that there is no magic formula so that your first time with one of us is a resounding success.

However, we can give you 2 tips for your first time with any Corrientes escort and we will remember you as a good client.

  1. Take care of your personal hygiene: no matter what your physical appearance is, being neat and clean is essential.
  2. Be a gentleman: all the VIP escorts of Corrientes exercise our profession willingly and we know what you are looking for from us, so we ask you for respect and education when you treat us.

How to be an escort in Corrientes?

Firstly, you must want to be an escort!

Although it can be called differently and we are at different levels; The truth is that the escorts of Corrientes offer our time and sex to a person for money.

To make good money, you can't treat your customers like they are just any person; You must make each one of them feel special.

It is important that you learn to enjoy the moment, remembering at all times that you provide a service. The better your service, the more times they will call you and the more money you will earn.

How do the whores of Corrientes prevent STDs?

Condoms are our main work tool, and we never run out of them!

If we agree to have sex with a client, the client should always use condoms.

It does not matter if you are a client who is paying a very high sum of money or if you have been visiting us for a long time. Under no circumstances do we have sex without condoms.

How to establish my rate being an escort in Corrientes?

The amount of money you can charge is primarily based on the type of customer you want to engage with. You can take into account: 

  1. The experience you have and the unique attributes that make you stand out from your competition.
  2. Know the number of services you are willing to offer. That is, you cannot present the same service to all clients; each client is unique, each appointment is unique.
  3. Bear in mind that there are clients who only want to go out with you and others who will only want to fuck you. In both cases, you should know what rate to place.

What to do if the condom breaks when I am with an escort?

The first thing you should do when you notice that the condom has broken is to notify us. All Corrientes escorts are prepared for this situation and we have additional condoms to immediately replace the one that has broken.

Although all of us worry about staying disease-free, we understand that this situation may concern you. So, if you have any concerns about this situation, we recommend you take an STD test and go to the specialist doctor you trust.

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