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Who I am?

My name is Eiza, a sweet escort girl in Recoleta. I am a sensual, fine and educated woman.

I offer a VIP escort service for demanding men. We can attend events together, go out to eat at restaurants or have a drink at a bar, see a play, travel together and of course live an exquisite moment of passion. The service I offer is a girlfriend experience, that is, girlfriend vibes, with real tongue kisses, flannel and tender caresses.

Although if you wish, I will be your passionate lover, who gives herself completely to your fantasies and morbidities. I enjoy and it gives me pleasure to satisfy a man in bed.

He held meetings in the federal capital and the northern zone.

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Experiences (16)


5 months ago

A beautiful woman, delicate and very attentive. I spent a unique moment with this goddess, she is sweet but at the same time very hot, that mouth, those wet kisses drove me crazy, one of the best orals I have ever had. Needless to say, it was an excellent experience that I would repeat again.


4 months ago

This woman is a real gem, speaks Good English and very conversational. Very nice, young cute lady to spend time with in bed or out of bed. Very good kisser!!!! Ella she would do upmost to please you. Gents, please treat her with kindness and respect.


4 months ago

Very pretty, model look and very sensual.
He knows how to make you feel good. Also with a girlfriend treatment and lots of caresses.
Very elegant and an excellent physique that shows that he takes care of it.
In private she is spectacular, very involved.
A ten out of ten!!


3 months ago

Good conversation
Very sensual, a dulce de leche.
The vibe she gets in bed is amazing, we did it in several positions, when she got on all fours it was a spectacle 🔥🔥🔥 she is very sexy and delicate!
When I return to Buenos Aires I will see her again without a doubt.


3 months ago

Saw her twice in One day. Say no more.
Lovely lady with gorgeous eyes and a body too much. Very sexy and attentive. If I come back to BA de ella I'll be sure to look her up


3 months ago

Eiza…Wow! What a beautiful, sensual, fun, engaging, sweet and sexy lady, with a body you could never tire of exploring. I spent the most wonderful evening and overnight of theatre, dining, talking, the most delicious deep kisses and making love to this beautiful woman. There was not a moment where the date was anything less than wonderful and I will definitely see her again when I return to BA. Thank you beautiful Eiza xxx


3 months ago

A total goddess, she is just like the photos, she even has a divine face worthy of being shown, it's a shame that she publishes with her face covered. The attention of 10, he gave me some girlfriend kisses that I fell in love with and he gave me some powder, what a dear mom!!! I will reoffend


3 months ago

Ich habe eine wunderschöne zeit mit dieser bezaubernden argentinischen frau verbringen dürfen. Sie ha mir auBergewöhnlich leidenshchaftliche küsse gegeben. Die braunen warmen herzlichen augen werden wohl jeden mann zum schmelzen bringen. Solch eine frau and solche küsse habe ich night nirgendwo auf welt erlebt.
Wirklich einzigartig and unbezahlbar slchön.


2 months ago

Recommended, a luxury


2 months ago

Eiza, created several special nights for us while being a discreet professional. We would start with drinks and even cigars at a local spot sharing stories and interest.
Not only is Eiza very beautiful in person but she has a glowing and welcoming personality. It was icing on the cake that she could direct us to a great cigar bar or a cocktail lounge with views of the city. She created an intimate environment where anyone would feel romantic and welcome while meeting all our needs. It was 10/10 experience on all fronts.


2 months ago

Eiza is a reality beyond any fantasy anyone could ever have.
She is not a “girlfriend experience”, she is your girlfriend, just like you always dreamed of and more. She gives you her body and her heart in every encounter, and she makes every fiber of your being vibrate with her passionate kisses, with the caresses of her skin against yours. She elevates you to incalculable dimensions, she projects your soul into infinite universes at the same time and covers your heart in a mantle of warmth from which you will no longer want to leave.
Her openness, her warmth, her company, are things that they will never be able to part with once they have had the privilege of knowing her and sharing her life. Get ready to get lost in his deep eyes and luminous smile, and enjoy long and entertaining conversations around the fire of each splendid date you will share.


1 month ago

Eiza is a very special lady, who is equally beautiful, smart, witty and sexy. She's a wanderful companion in any circumstance, and anyone who has had the good fortune of her company will want to see her again and again. She is gorgeous!!


3 weeks ago

Wow!! I had such an incredible experience, relaxed, fun but more importantly passionate and sexy!
She exceeds my expectations, full girlfriend experience, committed and you can tell she enjoy it too!!!
Besides great conversation, before and after sex!!


2 weeks ago

È a lady with all her parole, È beautiful and sensual eats a rose, I have felt in paradise and I have stolen my heart


1 week ago

I am glad to have met you and have a magical evening in BsAs with a beautiful woman. It felt like a wonderful evening and date with lots of wine, conversation, fun and passion.
You are a very cultured, deep, sincere and exciting person who made me feel very comfortable like a girlfriend on a fun evening in a new city. Your eyes were very intriguing to me, you have a lot of power in your eyes- and it seems like a true person with lots of passion for life.
And you have an amazing body- better than your photos.

Teresa and John

2 days ago

We had a great time with Eiza, she is beautiful, sensual and has incredible manners. She is very open in bed and has an amazing talent for pleasing a couple making sure she enjoys each equally. I truly think she is one of a kind.

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