Bérénice Diamant Rouge 300 USD

Berenice (22)

Lea Diamant 200 USD

Read (18)

Diamond of Sione 200 USD

sione (35)

Ana Paula Palladium 150 USD

Ana Paula (21)

Bianca Palladium 150 USD

Wheat beer (22)

150 USD

Milli (21)

LUDOVICA Palladium 150 USD


Palladium Honey 150 USD

Honey (24)

Micro platinum 100 USD

microphone (29)

Connaissance du Platine 100 USD

Traditions (39)

Anto Emeraude 75 USD

anthony (32)

romina luxe 50 USD

Romina (28)

Cañitas Escorts

Comment are you preparing my first meeting with an escort Cañitas?

Surtout, you will have three soignées, with the right clothes and a good haleine. In addition, the good manners and education do not pas être laissées de côté.

Chacun de nous a des règles différentes pour nos clients. For our general advice, our recommendations to respect the time of our return and arrive at the agreed time.

Now, the Cañitas escorts, without some demanding ones, but with our knowledge that everyone is in order to be able to control the situation and to have an enjoyable experience for our two people.

Can I engage a Cañitas escort for my partner without who knows all the two?

Absolutely not! 

All sexual relations that exist with us, which and are not une tierce personne implicaquée, doivent être totalement consensuelles par toutes les parties.

That you can benefit from this experience with your partner, this is where your fantasy is and that we can contact you to reunite and accompany you to live this moment of luxury.

Comment can I learn soin of the identity of the bitch Cañitas that j'embauche?

Il ya certains choses que vous ne devriez pas faire si vous souhaitez entertain de bonnes relations avec nous, l'une d'elles est de respecter notre vie privée.

Les filles qui sont escortes Cañitas le font volontairement et nous aimons ce que nous faisons. Cependant, la plupart d'entre nous préfèrent séparer notre vie privée de notre vie professionnelle.

Before the date, do not search for our personnel profiles on social networks; Our appeal is spontaneous, our health is in the street and our approchez is, as we have consented to the manner or the situation.

Can I offer a class to a VIP escort from Cañitas?

Of course! 

The Cañitas escorts apprécient toujours the cadeaux of our clients. 

Mais ne vous présentez pas avec n'importe quoi! If you souhaitez nous offrir quelque chose, you can demander quels sont nos goûts and nous vous proposedrons volontiers plusieurs options.

Comment Can I become a reliable client for a VIP escort from Cañitas?

Becoming a reliable client is also an affaire d'actions than paroles. Bien plus encore qu'avec le nombre de cadeaux que vous nous faites; Cependant, cela joue beaucoup en votre faveur.

Our clients become «worthy of trust» who respect our meeting hours, who are respectful, polis and that the name of ours is our sommes rencontrés and that everything is well passed.

That soit the amount that you are ready to payer, the confidence is built slowly in the fil du temps.

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