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Discover vip escort girls in the federal capital, VIP escorts in Buenos Aires. Exclusive high-level escorts in Argentina XP.
Escorts what does it mean?
The term comes from English escort (singular escort) (documented from the 16th century), itself derived from medieval French escort (term still in use), from Italian short. Like so many other words and words in our language, from Latin, specifically from the word "scorgere”. This word in Latin refers to the "guide" either "accompaniment" of people. In Spanish it is used to refer to a "lady-in-waiting”.
Argentine VIP escort girls
the girls vip escortThey can also be known as "call girls”, escort women, ladies or company girls and basically are individuals of the female gender who serve as a company for their respective clients, that is, the Argentine escort girls basically they charge in exchange for making their entire company; It should be noted that unlike the "sex workers", the escort women They do not necessarily provide sexual pleasure to the client, and in most cases their main function is to support the client as a beautiful, imposing and intelligent companion for social gatherings, parties and other events, this is done with the in order to enhance the ego, presence or "status" within the social environment of the client itself.
What is the word escorts?
An escort or companion is a person who accompanies another person to a social event. Sometimes people are paid to accompany someone privately or participate in an outing, dinner, business trips, birthdays, social gatherings, among others.

In general, businessmen, wealthy or independent professionals tend to request the company service of a argentinian escort. The most searched profile is that of a beautiful woman, but not flashy, much more emphasis is placed on her social skills and cultural level.

The escort women or escort girlsThey are basically what we could call paid escorts, that is, girls who earn money in exchange for offering us their company, which may or may not involve sexual activity. These girls are differentiated from sex workers or prostitution, as already mentioned. has mentioned his work does not necessarily involve sexual intercourseFurthermore, these girls are not found in brothels or on the streets, they are generally escort women they work independently.

The profile of an escort is that of a beautiful, educated woman, with great social skills, possessing a great conversation and a high cultural level.
With a lady escort in Argentina
Synonyms: companion, escort, aide-de-camp, escort girl, courtesan, call girl, prepaid.

Escorts can be wrongly called prostitutes, trolls, whores, sex workers, sex workers, cats or cats. Diminutives such as kittens, kittens, putitas or trolitas are also widely used. It is common for escorts to be misnamed trolls, whores, kittens, kittens or whores, out of respect, never do it.
call girls
For escorts CABA There is no better catalog than this one from ArgentinaXP.com. A collection with the escort girls more beautiful and willing to please you.

The attractive women of Argentina XP are distinguished not only for their great beauty, but also for their excellence in terms of professional service as luxury escorts.

They are about independent escorts, with education and fine manners. they can be you companion for any type of event of your choice that you do not want to attend alone. Whether it's a gathering of friends, a sports or artistic show and, why not, a business one. It is known that the company of a beautiful woman of the world will not only make them notice you, but will increase your reputation and chances of doing good business.
Capital Federal escorts
the girls Federal Capital escorts they have earned enormous prestige; It's not just about beautiful women. Many of them are university students, professionals, which leads them to be able to develop conversations on an intellectual level and have many interesting things to share.

Do you want female contacts with girls who can accompany you to dinner, to have a drink or simply to share a pleasant time? Here you will find the best selection of VIP.
Escort girls at home
Having one of these attractive escort girls in your favorite place today is very easy. You just have to call and coordinate with her, simple.

Actually the only difficult thing is choosing. Although fortunately any day you can call again and try another, and so on until perhaps you find your favorite.

All independent girls de ArgentinaXP have previously gone through a rigorous security filter. So we make sure that all the beautiful women that are advertised here are real, serious and professional. This allows us to guarantee that Argentina XP continues to be the best catalog escort CABA.

You should also know that Argentina XP does not receive any commission or charge you absolutely nothing for any agreement that you may have with any of our escort girls. All the deal is directly with them. This also allows you to reach quite cheap agreements, considering the enormous joy and good treatment that each of them can offer you.
Exclusive escorts to satisfy all tastes
When you go through the gallery of images in our catalog you will be able to appreciate the enormous variety, with which we can affirm that you will find a beautiful woman that suits your taste. If you like them young, if you prefer them mature, or if you want them to have some specialty. For example, that they do a girlfriend experience, lover type, courtesan, call girl, sensual masseuses, discreet companion, social companions, at home, etc.

We recommend you click on the beautiful girls of your interest, and thus you will be able to discover what types of services each one offers, as well as the rates they charge; some may only have availability by the hour, but there are others who will be happy to accompany you for a whole day.
Date an escort girl?
Of course, we remind you that it is ladies-in-waiting, for which the exchange of money refers to this concept, regardless of the fact that if there is chemistry something else could happen, which cannot be ruled out either, but they are things apart from each girl.

For further clarification, we suggest you get in direct contact with them, and thus be able to know them in greater detail and confidence. Or you can visit the Escort Forum to read experiences and consult with other colleagues.

In the girls' profile you can also check interesting details such as their age and height. In addition to a small description that in the same way will help you assess if it is a girl of your interest. Although, of course, in the professional and exclusive photographs for Argentina XP you will be able to find more details of these beautiful women and VIP escorts.

So now you know, the VIP escorts from ArgentinaXP, it's not just beautiful women. They are the best company ladies you can find in Argentina. Attractive women, always willing to please you and make you spend an unforgettable time. Discreet experiences that will surely leave you wanting to repeat.

What can be the reasons to request escort women?

As previously mentioned, these well-educated and intelligent girls are often requested to be the ideal companions of these clients in social events, for this reason, the sexual act is not a mandatory requirement.

Are Scorts They can be requested by homosexual men who seek to keep their parents, family or friends in general at the margin regarding their true preferences or tastes as far as relationships are concerned.

Another reason is that the client simply needs to pretend to have a beautiful partner or "girlfriend" by his side, which is why many times there are cases in which the client will need to meet with the girl beforehand in order to plan the "lie". ” from how they met, since when they are together and things like that, rehearsing is important so that everything is very convincing for the environment to which the client needs to “show” his beautiful escort.

The client is not necessarily going to require the services of an escort girl for social events, sometimes the client simply seeks to have a female presence, a private or personal companion so as not to feel alone (with or without previously consensual sexual relations), in cases like these, the agency of these escort women They will always call the most attentive, patient, and intelligent girl with whom the client can talk and stay entertained, ensuring a quality company service.

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Escorts, celebrities and millionaires
Celebrities and the very wealthy often hire these kinds of sex services to avoid the problem of irrational obsession, where their partner unreasonably attracted them (and won't let them walk out of the relationship or accept refusal) because of their social status. Also, avoid kiss-and-tell stories, where the girl then sells the story to the press. Both parties understand their respective positions and do not go further.

Some of these people are even more open at parties when it comes to telling who their date is, although the call girls often ask them not to tell. Usually, the men or women who book a short date for the first time determine if they want another longer date. The woman's appearance, her intelligence, her manners, her sociability and her upbringing are also taken into consideration.