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Clohe Luxe 50 USD

Chloe (25)

Erica Luxe 50 USD

Erica (35)

Barbara Luxe 50 USD

Barbara (27)

Bruna Luxe 50 USD

Bruna (30)

Bethlehem Luxe 50 USD

Belen (27)

Caro Diaz Luxe 50 USD

Caro Diaz (18)

antonia luxe 50 USD

Antonia (39)

Blue Xp Luxe 50 USD

xp blue (27)

Jordalys Luxe 50 USD

Jordalys (26)

Miia Luxe 50 USD

miia (27)

Stefany Luxe 50 USD

Stefany (18)

Sele Luxe 50 USD

Sele (18)

Masseurs Luxe

What is a Luxe masseuse?

The girls who work in this category are in charge of offering clients a sensitive experience through massages.

Many of us offer sexual services at the end of these erotic massages, but unlike escorts, we do not offer company services. In addition, and generally, we have our own space to attend to our clients.

What does a sexual massage offer me?

The masseuses take care of offering our clients a more relaxing and calm experience from a safe space.

We do not offer sex to our clients, although if we feel comfortable with the situation we can access it. What the VIP masseuses offer is an experience where you can achieve pleasure through the relationship of your whole body.

How can I book an appointment with a Luxe masseuse?

Ideally, you should book an appointment a few days in advance.

Most of us work independently, which allows us to organize our agenda on a weekly or biweekly basis; including our days and hours of rest.

So, to book an appointment with one of us, you can write via WhatsApp using the button found in our profiles and request the day of your appointment.

What is the rate for a Luxe masseuse?

Each of us has a different rate, it all depends on the services we offer.

Most of us have our own space and we allow our clients to have access to a shower so that they feel comfortable.

To know the specific rates of each one, you can click on our photos and learn about our services.

Do Luxe masseuses offer sexual services?

No, we do not offer sexual services.

But if we are ready to have sex with some clients, everything will depend on how we feel at that moment. Some masseuses do offer sex as the final touch to a massage session, but it is towards these that we direct our services: erotic massages.

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