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Xvalenx Cordoba 200 USD

xvalenx (20)

Magda Cordoba 200 USD

Magda (20)

Nahi Cordoba 150 USD
Trans Girl

Nahi (28)

Marian Cordoba 100 USD

Marian (24)

Camii Cordoba 100 USD

camii (29)

MALENNA Cordoba 100 USD

malena (45)

PAULA Cordoba 100 USD

PAULA (39)

Blue CBA Cordoba 100 USD

CBA Blue (25)

Emy Cordoba 100 USD

emmy (26)

Azulci Cordoba 75 USD

Azulci (24)

Palomma Cordoba 75 USD

pigeon (27)

Belito Cordoba 75 USD

Belito (28)


Escorts from Cordoba

Are the escorts in Córdoba independent?

Yes, all the VIP escorts in Córdoba are independent. We are not subject to the rules of an agency, we don't like that! We personally attend to each of our clients, we can be free to interact with whoever we want and offer the services that please us. 

Even more important, we like to please those who hire us.

How to hire VIP escorts from Córdoba?

Write us!

It's very simple, you just have to click on the profile of the girl you like the most and look for the link that will take you to her conversation on WhatsApp.

Introduce yourself, be polite and tell us about our availability and services. We will answer you to the extent of our availability, we will schedule your appointment and we look forward to the day we meet!

Can I carry out a fantasy with an escort and my partner?


When you contact one of us, tell us what you want. Serving couples is one of the favorite activities of every escort, especially if they let us participate!

Where can I hire an escort in Córdoba?

Here, in ArgentinaXP!

As escorts, we like to have a lot of visibility, we enjoy having the attention of everyone we can. That is why we advertise in web directories such as ArgentinaXP, pages where our services can reach many people.

What does a VIP escort from Córdoba offer?

Our services as escorts are oriented to the attention of our clients.

You can hire us to have an appointment, to have a GFE (boyfriend deal), to accompany you to executive events or if you want to go on a trip with someone fun. Each of us offers different services, as long as you know what you want, we can provide it or not.

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