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Cati Villa Crespo 100 USD

Cati (29)

Villa Crespo escort
Delfi Villa Crespo 50 USD

Delfi (24)

Evva Villa Crespo 50 USD

Eva (30)

Escorts from Villa Crespo

Can I do BDSM with an escort from Villa Crespo?

It all depends on the Villa Crespo escort who answers this question.

There are some girls who do like to perform BDSM services and there are some others who prefer not to practice it with their clients.

So, the recommendation will always be to ask the escort with whom you want to have an appointment, if she can offer you this service or not.

Otherwise, you can go through and put us through an unpleasant moment in which we find ourselves having to cancel the appointment.

Can I ask a VIP escort from Villa Crespo to masturbate me?

Of course! 

This is one of the most requested services by our clients and one that the Villa Crespo escorts love to carry out.

Those who usually request this service are less experienced clients, and for us it is a pleasure to be able to "give them a hand" when they request it, while they gain the necessary confidence to continue with other services.

How do the escorts of Villa Crespo take care of their physique?

If there is something that all the escorts of Villa Crespo definitely have in common, it is that we take great care of our physical appearance, both our body and what we wear.

Each one of us performs different procedures, from doing sports in our free time to maintain our figure to making aesthetic modifications.

However, we all have toned physiques and we definitely love to stay healthy.

How do the whores of Villa Crespo take care of their sexual health?

First of all, all our sexual relations are carried out with the use of a condom and yes, its use is mandatory for any sexual contact.

In addition to this, Villa Crespo escorts visit the doctor every 3 or 6 months to get routine STD tests and make sure everything is fine.

Our body is our way of generating money, our tool, and as such, it must be subject to maintenance from time to time.

Do the Villa Crespo escorts have sex outside of their work?

Of course!

The frequency with which we have sex basically depends on the desire we have.

Let's see, the fact that we are escorts and offer sexual services does not exclude us from having a private life outside of our work.

So yes, we have sex outside of our work as often as anyone else who enjoys it healthy.

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