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Picture of Cherry

Who I am?

Hello! I'm Cherry🍒, your favorite volleyball player♥️ Contact me in English, German or Spanish💖 If you want to get to know me, you will quickly realize that behind my tender appearance and my gentle manners, you will meet a woman who really enjoys explore your sexuality and make you enjoy it to the fullest🌡️❤️‍🔥 I'm a chameleon, I have several styles so you can ask me for the one you prefer🧸🤎 I offer full service, threesomes, fantasies and more✨ 👼🏻Feel free to propose new things to me, I really like the inventiveness. 😋 📍Where can you find me? In my apartment with total comfort in Palermo/Las Cañitas🏠

You are more than invited to ask me for an appointment in advance and let's have an excellent time together. I'll wait for you! 💋 Ask me about virtual services💘


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He is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (18)


1 month ago

A 10-year-old woman, beautiful skin, a sensual look, and the way she treats you makes you feel super comfortable, I would return without a doubt.


1 month ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Cherry very recently, she is a very beautiful woman wherever you look at her, she is very sweet and attentive, she makes you feel comfortable at all times.
The photos are just a sample of how beautiful it is in person, it dazzles.
Once you know it, you want to repeat it several times and without a doubt, whoever has the possibility will do it.
An unforgettable experience.


1 month ago

She's literally a model, she has a great body 💜 also a woman's love treats you super well, gives the best kisses and the best oral. I would see her again


1 month ago

Uffff what to say, beautiful woman, very tender, beautiful, sensual, and in impressive bed, I would return with her as many times as I could.


1 month ago

I was lucky to meet her recently. She makes you have an incredible time, she is beautiful and with even better energy, I hope to see her again.


1 month ago

I saw her only once. The service is correct. I clarify that he asks for a sign before concluding the meeting.


1 month ago

I spent an excellent afternoon with her. She's gorgeous and has the best attitude. You will not regret calling him.


1 month ago

Very beautiful and very nice energy.
I met her a few months ago and she quickly became my favorite, I see her at least once a month and I recommend everyone to give themselves the chance to meet her.
It's a one way trip.


1 month ago

I recommend it, I loved it, very affectionate, careful, loving. Simply I loved it


3 weeks ago

Super cool, she is very cool, she has a good time, you feel super comfortable, she will surely repeat it again.


two weeks ago

What a fuck this tremendous woman gave me.


two weeks ago

Heeeer beautiful woman and even prettier in person with a great good vibe, she makes you feel relaxed and relaxed all the time. And what he takes!!! She left me in bed badly, I'm waiting to get paid to see her again. It leaves you all dumb

Juan ce

two weeks ago

Spectacular mine. She leaves you in bed, she is even more beautiful live, if you are respectful she will do whatever you want! I got out of bed feeling sick and asking for help. I can't wait to get paid to see her again. Super recommended


two weeks ago

Very cool girl! I'm a foreigner and for me it was a really great experience! Thanks for your time!


two weeks ago

It's divine, beautiful just like in the photos, and much prettier in person, great vibes, I had a great time, I'm going to repeat often,


two weeks ago

She is a spectacular woman, very kind and very pretty. Literally how good this girl is is incredible and how pretty she is is beautiful. I have no words how to describe it


two weeks ago

Well first of all she is beautiful. Very very pretty, she has a beautiful phenomenal body and she is also very cool. It's phenomenal. The good vibes that she brings to what she does 1000/100


3 days ago

Enigmatic…pretty. And it takes you to another level

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