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Remote sex toys – Find out which ones are the best,

Remote sex toys have created a whole new revolution, completely changing the way fun is explored. These toys can be great fun that will allow you to exploit happiness and sexual climax from a distance with your VIP escort.

What are remote sex toys?

Remote sex toys have added flavor to couples and completely changed the style of sex. Being able to hear the voice, see yourself through a screen and make your escort feel what you want her to feel, is a reality. This new generation of erotic toys allow enjoyment despite the distance; Even most of the vibrators can be managed from the mobile through an app.

Remote sex toys have become in high demand in the market, and it is not surprising; Because both men and women enjoy controlling the vibration movements of the device, and playing in this way with their partner.

Photo 1 Remote sex toys – Discover which ones are the best

How to use remote sex toys

Most remote sex toys have a bluetooth connection, so they can be used through an app on a smartphone or computer; you can connect the device and start an exciting erotic game with your escort.

These devices are usually used in 3 different ways: you can control your escort's toy, she can control your sex toy, or finally both of you can control the used sex toys; so that they synchronize the toys together so that the two of them interact simultaneously.

The 5 Best Remote Sex Toys

Remote Sex Toys for Women

rabbit vibrator

It is a double stimulator that gives pleasure to the G-spot and has a powerful vibration on the clitoris. The rabbit allows you to play remotely and is controlled through an app; You can support yourself with the video call, to sweeten the ear of your escort.

Magnetic Vibrator

This vibrator is used to discreetly stimulate the clitoris and stays in place thanks to a magnet that keeps the toy immobile. With the application of this remote sex toy you can play from anywhere and you can customize the vibration levels.

Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

To ensure pleasure, this toy adjusts to your position. Its coverage is made of soft silicone and its vibrations produce a guaranteed orgasm. Thanks to its app, you can customize the movements of the toy and save them to use them in other meetings with your preferred escort.

Photo 2 Remote sex toys – Discover which ones are the best

Remote Sex Toys for Men

vibrating ring

This remote sex toy is created for the penis and can be located at any time. It is managed through an app; and it has a powerful vibrator that stimulates both the penis and the perineum, causing a longer lasting erection.

anal vibrator

To discover other aspects of sex, you can add anal play. This toy is suitable for both sexes, and is perfect for beginning to explore other sensations in privacy; gradually and gently stimulating anal penetration.


Before you start enjoying remote sex toys, take a look and read about the different types of toys that exist and what they are for. As always, the type of stimulation you are looking for must be chosen by you; so you should look for what best suits your tastes and your escort companion.

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