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The best hotels in Capital Federal to go with your escort

If you are in the heart of Buenos Aires enjoying great pleasures with the company ladies in capital federal, surely you will be interested in knowing the best hotels in Capital Federal to go with your escort and spend a unique evening with the entertainment that only such a popular area can offer.

The capital is home to different meeting points immersed in a nightlife adaptable to all tastes, and in terms of accommodation, it is not far behind. You can find hotels to go with escort girls in capital federal for a really accessible price and enjoy excellent service with comfortable facilities. Of course, the choice of hotel for an appointment with escorts in capital federal It will be defined by the main interest of the client; and how much are you willing to invest in your date.

The quality of some hotels in Buenos Aires gives us the possibility to evaluate different options available near the Capital; from which you can access Palermo and Recoleta in a few minutes to enjoy the most entertaining bars, clubs, discos and cultural centers with a short journey; by bus or train.

For this selection, we have thought about prioritizing the price-quality balance; so that you make sure to choose a comfortable, inexpensive place with easy access to public transport routes for your overnight reservations with your vip escort capital federal.

Photo 1 The best hotels in Capital Federal to go with your escort

The 5 best hotels in Capital Federal to go with an escort

Hotel Nuevo Camino

This hotel in Capital Federal is located in Bartolome Miter 1907; It has a colonial infrastructure full of an old charm with tiled floors and a decoration mainly in warm tones with wood. Despite its less modern appearance; This hotel has all the comforts you could wish for and is ideal for a one-night stay with your escort.

It has at least 4 public transport routes less than 500 meters away and it is located 4 kilometers from Plaza Serrano; In addition, the attention offered by the staff has earned it most of its good reviews. You can book a room for two people for only 19 USD per night; and you have access to its mini bar, free internet connection, private bathrooms and a free morning coffee.

San Carlos Hotel

Located at Avenida Hipolito Yrigoyen 4080, Hotel San Carlos has an urban style with simple details and decorations with a hint of color.

This hotel in Capital Federal has a pleasant and bright atmosphere with all well-equipped rooms; It is located just 3 kilometers from Plaza Serrano and you can locate cafes and restaurants around it. If you want to find entertainment a little further afield, station three is less than 500 meters away; and the different bus stops just over a kilometer away.

In this accommodation you can reserve a room for two people for only 26 USD per night and with an additional cost; you can get tickets to places of interest or shows to visit with your independent escort.

Photo 2 The best hotels in Capital Federal to go with your escort

Hotel Viamonte

It is located in Viamonte 1373; this hotel rises in category and class with wooden floors and modern decorations highly homely and pleasing to the eye. The attention that its staff offers to guests is exclusive; In its facilities it has its own restaurant and is located a few meters from interesting tourist spots such as El Obelisco and the Opera Colón.

This hotel has one of the best locations to enjoy entertainment in the area, it is not only surrounded by theaters and attractions; It is also minutes from Palermo and Recoleta with two train stations within 500 meters. You can enjoy a fully equipped room for two for just $ 28 a night and includes access to the mini bar and an extensive list of amenities like private parking for $ 6 a day.

Hotel Cabildo

This hotel in Capital Federal is located at Lavalle 748, upon entering this site its appearance is quite homely, warm and comfortable; with a modern style softened by decorations in rich warm colors.

In the town hall you can enjoy an impeccable room fully equipped with parquet floors and French windows, bathtub included, for only 33 USD per night for two people. Likewise, it has cafes and bars in the vicinity of the hotel, and it is very close to different tourist centers to walk with your escort girl; in addition to five train stations within 500 meters to move quickly from one area to another.

Photo 3 The best hotels in Capital Federal to go with your escort

5411 Soho Hotel

The last example of our list of hotels in Capital Federal where you can enjoy with your sensual escort represents an upgrade in category and luxury rooms. The Soho Hotel is located in Thames 1565, it is located in the heart of Palermo Soho; just 50 meters from Plaza Serrano with all the sources of entertainment it has to offer.

The rooms have access to a private garden, mini bar, all the comforts of a suite; and includes food and beverages with room service. You can access your own restaurant and if you want to venture with your Argentine escort; Outside the area, the nearest train and metro stations are just over a kilometer away.

To book this more luxurious class accommodation with a great location you would pay a price of 46 USD per night in a room for two, but the safe place is worth it.


Undoubtedly the accommodation options in hotels in Capital Federal or with access to sources of entertainment that without a doubt you are going to want to visit with your Escort Capital Federal; they are not few, and sometimes they are not economical either. However, these recommended hotels have not only been praised for their friendly atmosphere, excellent service, and unbeatable locations; They are also the most affordable economically speaking.

Therefore, if you already have in mind the place you want to reserve, it only remains to hire your escort service in capital and enjoy a pleasant night with any of our ladies from the capital federal company. You will not regret it!

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