Squirting - Female ejaculation, know all about it with escorts Posted on 16/09/2021 By Carlos

Squirting - Female ejaculation, know all about it with escorts

Better known as Squirting, female ejaculation is when a woman expels fluid through the urethra while having sexual intercourse. exist mature escorts who are specialists in having these ejaculations when they meet a client, which makes the service more pleasant for them.

Like men, to have a squirt, a woman does not necessarily have to have an orgasm. Ejaculation is a physical response to sexual stimulation, which is not always accompanied by an orgasm.

What is Squirting

As mentioned above, female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluids through the urethra due to sexual stimulation. There are 2 types of squirting, these are: fluid spillage, which is usually a colorless and odorless fluid that spreads in large quantities; and fluid ejaculation, which is usually thick and milky, looks a lot like male semen. Several of the CABA escorts They are experts in squirting as part of their services.

Through various studies it has been determined that the fluid that is expelled during sexual intercourse is basically urine. This is because these fluids form in the bladder and are expelled through the urethra; and within the female anatomy, there is no other conduit, or any other organ that is capable of producing these fluids.

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Is female ejaculation real?

Yes, despite the fact that for many years there was the idea that women who performed squirting suffered from incontinence and this was "solved" through sexual intercourse thanks to the stimulation of the penis; Recent studies discard this unfounded belief and allow female ejaculation as an active sexual act, and it is a personal experience, different for each woman.

Although it is not common to get a woman to ejaculate during sex, squirting is completely normal. The International Society for Sexual Medicine has determined that between 10% to 50% of women ejaculate during sex. Some experts claim that, despite not noticing it, all women ejaculate as a natural response to sexual stimulation.

What health benefits does squirting offer?

While ejaculation as such does not offer any benefits for female health, having sex frequently does offer a number of health benefits. This is because hormones are released during orgasm that help in different ways; among these we can name:

  • Stress relief
  • Immune system stimulation.
  • Prevention of heart disease.
  • Reduction of blood pressure.

It is advisable to have an active sex life to maintain good physical and emotional health. The Buenos Aires escorts They can help you improve your health through body massages and different sexual pleasure techniques, they are experts in the art of pleasure and many of them can squirt very easily, which will feed your ego.

Female ejaculation throughout history

From Greek philosophers to Indian scribes they have documented throughout history regarding female ejaculation; even manuals like the Kamasutra indicate when and how to wait, and why.

Hippocrates, a famous Greek physician, believed that this liquid helped the fertilization of children, and that it was an important part of the process of creating life. Similarly, in the seventeenth century a Dutch anatomist named Regnier de Graaf wrote about the female reproductive organs; indicating in his essay the description of the liquid and its link with an erogenous zone inside the vagina.

By 2013 of the modern era, a study involving 320 women was able to show that the amount of liquid ejaculated by a woman through squirting can vary between 0,3 ml and 150 ml; which means that this natural reaction of the body can expel from just a few drops to enough liquid to fill a cup of coffee.

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How can I squirt?

The stimulation of the famous G-spot is what allows a woman to release her sexual pleasure through ejaculation. The G-spot is located about 5 or 8 centimeters inside the vagina on the front wall, that is, towards the navel.

The G-spot sometimes feels rough, or with a fleshy texture around it; It is not a specific place, it really encompasses an area in which the Skene glands can be massaged; at the same time, the internal parts and the hidden areas of the clitoris.

The clitoris on the outside is only the tip of the iceberg, stimulating the internal area that is inside the vagina which will really cause ejaculation to occur; hopefully with a severe orgasm that will satisfy the woman.


Now that you know a lot more about squirting, try to help your VIP companion reach the climax of the sexual act. exist Argentinian escorts who are experts in squirting with ease; thus increasing the libido of your clients and allowing them to satisfy their egos.

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