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Photos of escorts - What do the photos of a VIP escort say

In our gallery of photos of escorts you will find entire pages of beautiful women, all dressed in delicious erotic lingerie, with few clothes or wearing nothing but their own skin.

All photos of escorts They are taken to show the girls in the best possible light, and are to help you get a better idea of ​​the VIP escort you will be meeting with before making a reservation.

But, have you stopped to think, what do the photos of a escort about her? Can you judge his personality by the clothes he has chosen, his poses and the way he looks at the camera? Waves photos of escorts are they just a fantasy?

If you have been left in doubt, keep reading and see what the photos of one say VIP companion.

Photo 1 Photos of escorts – What the photos of a VIP companion say

Do you know everything behind the photos of escorts?

There is no doubt that the photos of the escort girls They must be erotic, sensual, sexy and professional to get the maximum attention from interested users.

We have all seen amateur photos, where the girls look poorly lit, poorly made up and looking rather uncomfortable with their pose. The point is, no matter how beautiful the girls are, if they look awkward, high-class customers are unlikely to want to pick up the phone and make a reservation.

That is why it is important to make sure that the photograph is correct and that it reflects some of the escort's personal qualities, not just her ability to strike a sexy pose.

Image and outfit project your personality

Most escorts want to project a certain type of image and some seek to promote various different aspects of their personality.

All of this can be done by using different poses and / or different accessories such as clothes, shoes, makeup, and toys. Many escorts in Argentina choose to present themselves in scantily-clad or undressed underwear, while others prefer the subtle sensuality of a tight evening dress.

Since escort photography is about attracting the right kind of attention, it's important to have the right style, and clothing and accessories are a big part of this!

Photo 2 Photos of escorts – What the photos of a VIP companion say

Before a session, the photographer often urges the companions to think about the kinds of things he wants his finished photographs to say. Will he say that it is sweet and sensual? Hot and sassy? Elegant and sophisticated? Fun and playful?

Choosing your outfit will go a long way in confirming what the girls are trying to convey. photos of escorts, and here we explain everything that an escort's clothing can say about her.

Lace covers: subtle provocation

Lace is a favorite option for women photos of escorts. It has a long association with the classic idea of ​​sensuality and is subtle, yet sexy.

An escort dressed in lace is a tempting provocation, as it allows you to strip the flesh without revealing everything. She will be tactile, provocative and pretty without being cheap.

Dressed in silk: luxurious sensuality

When it comes to lingerie, silk is probably the ultimate in high-end luxury, style, and sophistication. Not only is it wonderful to the touch, it has the ability to perfectly sculpt around a toned body.

When you see in the photos of escorts to the ladies dressed in silk, you know they love the good life; who love to be caressed and who appreciate luxury.

Leather-clad: dominant or fierce beauty

To many of the escorts north zone they love to dress in leather. Be it a leather skirt or dress or something with a more fetish theme, there is no doubt that leather means eroticism. It has deep sexual overtones.

An escort photo where the girl poses in fierce leather lingerie, indicates a dominatrix who says "I'm in charge and I love being in control" So you know exactly what you are going to get when you see a companion dressed in this material, holding leather toys !

Uniforms: sexy professionalism

However, many of our escorts will choose to wear a variety of uniforms for their escort photos. From traditional nurse outfits, to secretaries and even playboy bunnies, the uniforms suggest that escorts will be happy to play a role; And let's face it, many of us love the idea of ​​playing a fantasy game with a hot woman.

It doesn't matter if nurses and secretaries are really sexier than other professions, it's all about the uniform.

The importance of an up-to-date photograph

We have all heard the stories of how someone hired an escort based on their photographs and then discovered that their escort was nothing like the photos! In fact, it was even likely that she wasn't even the same girl in the picture at all; or that the photos were retouched so much that the escort could never measure up.

While it may be tempting to touch up photos to the extreme to show off in the best light, most escorts know this goes against the purpose and; Ultimately it will lead to customer disappointment.

Photo 3 Photos of escorts – What the photos of a VIP companion say

This leads to no repeat bookings at best and negative reviews being received. For this reason, most agencies and photographers recommend that photos of escorts have been taken in the last 6 months; and that they do not retouch them so much that they do not look anything like who they are in person.

While it's nice to smooth out a little blemish here and there, they know that keeping photos realistic will pay more dividends in the long run. After all, if you have any lumps and bumps that you would rather not show in the photos, they will still be there when the client has the meeting.


An important part of the accompaniment is to generate trust between the companions and the clients, therefore, if the majority of the photos of escorts they are misleading, not a good way to start.

So if you are interested in taking a look through our gallery, you will find pictures of real girls. And if you want to know more about everything that the world of escorts has to offer; visit our blog and discover how to choose the right escort or what is the difference between the sex with a pornstar and an escort You will not regret it!

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