Sensual massages - Enjoy a massage from the hands of professionals Posted on 25/05/2021 By Carlos

Sensual massages - Enjoy a massage from the hands of professionals

There are a number of ways to achieve climax, relaxation, and full enjoyment, and one of the ways is through sensual massages. These massages provide the recipient with satisfaction and allow them to break free to satisfy their current or future partner.

Today, there are lots of professionals who provide an erotic massage that meets the needs of each patient. To find out a little more about what it consists of, what are the types and how it benefits you. sensual massages, do not stop reading what we have for you.

What is a sensual massage service?

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It consists of determining between the different sensual massages, which erotic techniques are adequate to provide each patient.

The sensual massage service is basically allowing the recipient to experience pleasure. It is a way of knowing their bodies, of releasing tension and what satisfies them the most; with the aim of being able to perform in a correct way when it comes to the sexual act.

Most people consider sensual massages they are used solely to obtain such satisfaction, or to have a happy ending, but this theory is not entirely true.

The masseurs can guarantee sensual massages, seeking that patients can achieve fullness and a level of relaxation, happiness and well-being that only massages can offer. It is not necessarily a sexual service.

Types of sensual massages

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Relieving massage

This sensual massage is practiced through various techniques, it is possible to alleviate and normalize the body's muscle tone. This type of massage helps to release endorphins, hormones that act as natural antidepressants, and that usually generate feelings of well-being in human beings that help fight pain.

Sensitive massage

It is a sensual massage aimed at healthy people, but it has the purpose of alleviating emotional and physical consequences that cause stress. This type of massage is applied through harmonic and smooth movements, where sudden changes in rhythm and loss of contact should be avoided.

This practice provides general relaxation throughout the body, and is much more effective when combined with gentle stretching and passive joint movements.

Tantric massage

With this type of sensual massage, pleasure is usually sought and although it can cause orgasms, it is not really its main function. Although it does maintain a very close relationship to the sexual organs; in fact, in this practice specific terms are used to refer to the intimate areas of the body.

For example, the female genital organ is called Yoni, which means temple or sacred space; while the male sexual organ is known as Lingam, whose meaning is "wand of light."

Holistic Massage

With holistic massage, the mind and body are relaxed through various manual frictions that are performed on the body. In this therapy, several techniques are used that manage to eliminate stress and tensions that prevent a healthy life.

This type of sensual massage covers three phases: first, the entire body is massaged with different frictions such as Thai massage, quiromassage and sports; in order to gently knead the areas of the body, stimulating the muscles and redirecting the lymphatic system.

Prostate Massage

With prostate massage, this gland is stimulated through the rectum, in order to drain the prostate. It is a practice similar to the prostate exam, where a specialist doctor performs a digital rectal test, in order to diagnose any problem in this region such as: prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate.

Differences between an erotic masseuse and an escort

Usually the escorts They often perform services that may or may not require having sex with their clients, such as serving as escorts at events, parties, or business trips. While the masseurs, perform their work in a conditioned space to carry out their trade.

Next, we will present specific differences between both professions:

Escort service

It is possible that the main difference between masseurs and escorts is that the latter can perform escort services, that is, they can attend social events with their clients. They don't limit their jobs to one or two hours, but to whole nights, days, and even weekends. 

Different costs between an escort and a masseuse

An escort is a paid companion who does not necessarily have sex with her clients. It should be noted that the price of an escort is more expensive and this already indicates the type of psychological burden that the concept of escort has.

Discreet and sensual service

On the other hand, the people in charge of providing sensual massages they do not provide penetrative sex. They offer erotic massages, that is, a much more discreet service and not a sexual service itself, since the masseuse generates another climate in the face of this whole situation.

It should be noted that the sensual massages they combine art and technique, which is based on oriental teachings and is applied throughout the body using the hands.

Implements to satisfy the client and variety in techniques

Implements such as premium quality oils, creams and balms are used for a period of 45 minutes, where clients are caressed very gently and at a very slow pace, which invites them to a state of relaxation and helps them move forward. to sensations full of pleasure.

With the service, hygiene, privacy, professional, erotic, tantric and even prostate massages stand out. They usually call people patients and not clients. They also train day after day to acquire a variety of techniques.

Recommendations when requesting sensual massage services

Sometimes people often confuse escorts with masseurs, but it really doesn't always have to do one thing with the other.

This can be compared to the difference between the sexual and the sensual; that is, a masseuse can offer services of sensual massages, where pure eroticism and sensuality are offered, where erotic sensations usually arise through massages and orgasms and sexual pleasure can exist, even if it is not the objective.

That is why it is advisable to speak with the professional immediately, and it will be very necessary to bring additional money in case other practices arise. These conversations can be arranged with each professional personally, we advise you not to ask for information through WhatsApp, as they can block you.

You can ask her what you want, but try not to insist on details, since it is a mutual agreement. Do not hesitate to hire the services of sensual masseurs will make your imagination fly and discover other sensations.


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When you request the services of sensual massages most likely you are looking for full relaxation, connection with your body, excitement and eroticism. You should also remember that these girls will not always give you general information about all their services directly, since because it is a sensitive massage it can lead to many other things.

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