Halloween Costumes – The best 5 sexy costumes for Escorts Posted on 28/10/2022 By Carlos

Halloween Costumes – The best 5 sexy costumes for Escorts

With the Halloween costumes around the corner, you're probably wondering which kinky costume to buy. There are several great options that will easily accommodate all of your clients' needs. Be sure to ask each of them about their favorite fantasy so you can buy one accordingly.

Role play is always a great idea this time of year so you and your dates can explore the naughty side of Halloween. Imagine the different sex positions she can try wearing nothing but a pair of edible lingerie, black stilettos, and cat ears.

Your imagination is the key to unlocking a fantastic time in bed!

The best Halloween costumes for escorts

french maid

For this one, go to the nearest adult store and buy a costume or two. If you have an appointment scheduled, put it on and answer the door. Put on, all flirtatious and kinky, smile a lot and you'll have your client under your spell. Get on your knees, crouch down a bit so they can see part of your tits and start rubbing the floor while you move your ass to a sensual rhythm. It's an instant turn-on for both men and women. Use your imagination and think of other attractive positions for later.

Photo 1 Halloween Costumes – The best 5 sexy costumes for Escorts

Little Red Riding Hood

Forget the schoolgirl fantasy, nothing beats the Little Red Riding Hood halloween costume when it comes to the kind of innocent girl guys fall for. Put on your red underwear and a red cape over it, your date can be the Hunter or the Wolf, it's up to them.

If it's the former and the main event is about to end, tease him or her with something like: “Thank you very much for rescuing me, how can I repay you, good sir?".

If they're the Wolf, you might want to get ready to have some fun between the sheets.

perverted police

This is another favorite Halloween costume for many customers and escorts from Capital Federal alike. In addition, it also goes very well for BDSM sessions. When you play a naughty policewoman, you are the one in charge. That always gets your partner in the mood for some kinky action as the night unfolds.

Photo 2 Halloween Costumes – The best 5 sexy costumes for Escorts

furry fantasy

Como North Zone escort, you can dress up as a cute kitten, an innocent fawn, or a lioness. Better yet: ask your customer what she likes, she'll appreciate it even more.

Once the session starts, walk on all fours, lick yourself, or get in bed and lick them all over. Pretty soon they'll be screaming your name.

dirty nurse

What could be more exciting than a nurse outfit that reveals the see-through lingerie underneath and those stockings that beg to be ripped at the same time? Your client's eyes will pop out of their sockets when they see you in this Halloween costume. Pair the costume with a stethoscope and a nurse's hat and you're set for an unforgettable trip. Your date is going to be everything”oh, nurse, take away my pain!", after a while.

Again, use your imagination. You could, for example, check his penis with a pair of latex gloves (if he's not allergic to latex) or take his temperature by moving your tongue up and down his body. The sky is the limit!

Photo 3 Halloween Costumes – The best 5 sexy costumes for Escorts


Here's a small but juicy list of Halloween costumes that will make your date hallucinate with desire. You must bear in mind that you must combine your costume with the perfect lingerie for the occasion and make sure you know what your client's tastes and fantasies are.

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