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Who I am?

Hello how are you? I tell you, I am a registered massage therapist focused on tantric therapies, I specialize in sexual dysfunctions and lack of desire-orgasm. Tantric meditations.

I provide a delicate mix of sensations combined in perfect proportions to help harmonize the body, mind and emotions, balancing your vital energy and reconstituting your inner peace.

With a subtle and distinctive personality, I encourage the creation of special moments for the people who know me.
I attend my office located in Barrio Norte, hygienic, air-conditioned environment, courtesy shower service.


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Experiences (34)


1 years ago

Excellent, 10 points. Professional suoer. He handles tantric massage like I've never seen in my life. I highly recommend it. In addition, she is super nice and pleasant in her treatment.


1 years ago

Lots of skin, crazy


11 months ago

Excellent woman. super fine. Incredible service!!! I am already a regular customer. does everything right


11 months ago

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, that tantric magic changed my energy. I got the job I was looking for, my marriage improved 100% and I am a better person because of your wisdom.


11 months ago

You are beautiful, you have the sweetest and most seductive smile that exists. She takes tantra to another level; I would stay for hours giving and receiving your touch, your hugs, your breath, your warmth.
Thank you for giving me the most pleasant session of my life.


10 months ago

The beauty of a woman, she has fabulous quality and treatment with others, her hands and her experience are unforgettable. I still feel the pleasure of her hands on my body... don't doubt it because the service she provides is excellent.

paulo dominguez

10 months ago

It takes every last drop out of you, it's genius how it moves and touches you


9 months ago

If you are looking for a deep, tantric experience that helps you improve not only physically, but mentally and more. You are in the right hands. She is a great professional, warm, human, you will have an experience like few others. 1,000% recommended.


8 months ago

Do not look any further! It is here!
She summarizes everything you need in a little while. You can arrive tired, stressed, with bad energy and even angry, but the moment her hands start rubbing your body, phew, you come out new! Different vibes!
She is extremely loving, affectionate and sexual! Her tantric is all you need!
And you know what? You'll come back again and again! Because no one gives you as much as she does!
I tell you from experience!


7 months ago

It is very fine and sensual, it makes you feel incredible. It combines the sensual and the spiritual in a very special way, you come out different from its sessions.


6 months ago

I've known her since the beginning of a year and she hasn't been back for months as a fool... Beautiful and long-awaited moment, thank you for your patience... you are everything that's right, as I told you just now, there is no one like you! 😘


6 months ago

She is kind, patient and very pretty. She has a different tune that lights you up from the first moment. It is not common to come across such a beautiful person.
I went with one problem and he solved many more. I cherish his massages and also his fair words with special affection.
He is a being of light!!!!


6 months ago

I have known her since the time of the pandemic. It is the best BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!, sweet, sensual, beautiful, the best vibes, and massages like no one else does. They won't regret it. It is just like the one in the photos. For 4 years she is the best I knew. The sweetest and most sensual thing you will find. And above all very spiritual. AN INCREDIBLE WOMAN!!!!


6 months ago

Total goddess. I've never seen anything like it


5 months ago

Beautiful WOMAN, sensual, sweet and with very good vibes. With her massages she transmits an energy that leaves you between heaven and hell... It's like hugging her and not letting go again... I hope to see her again...


5 months ago

She is very beautiful and has a charming personality. I took the body-to-body massage without anything else and afterwards I felt energized and alert in a way I hadn't felt in a long time. It is highly recommended and I would like to continue exploring the magical tantric massage with her.


5 months ago

Excellent attention and a lot of kindness, excellent woman and very beautiful, a total goddess. I will be back


5 months ago

Spectacular woman, it's your turn and you're on another planet. The best by far.


5 months ago

Incredible treatment, a genius in every way, her hands are special. I want her to be my girlfriend.
a unique experience


5 months ago

Beautiful woman, beautiful inside and out! Unique!!, both from the human and from the professional. Warm and spiritual, feminine and elegant. Her work is impeccable, great knowledge, skill and commitment. Very delicate, special for those who value subtlety. A moment of healing and pleasure!


4 months ago

I once wrote to her from which planet you came, angelic Maria, you wrapped me in the softness of your wings and took me for a tour of the cosmos......a being from another planet, beautiful, intelligent, unique, impossible not to fall in love.


4 months ago

I don't know how to explain it, but this girl is exceptional, warm, beautiful, sensual, incredible. Twmontw become an addiction. I will be back. Thank you


3 months ago

A sweet person. Spectacular massages…I will learn step by step to enjoy even more. Thank you very much for your good vibes. Surely we will see you soon. Greetings.


3 months ago

Simply the best girl I have ever met.

anonymous asian

2 months ago

Angelical is a cool person, with great energy and is very beautiful personally! Her massages are very good! I will miss them a lot. Thank you for assisting me!

Sebastian R

2 months ago

From the moment you enter, you perceive a radically different experience. There where calm, eroticism and beauty intersect, Angelical gave me an experience that transformed the energy of the day and left me very intrigued with knowing even more about Tantra.


2 months ago

Super careful everything, very loving, dedicated and professional. The truth is that it was a pleasure to have met her and I have already highly recommended her to friends.


2 months ago

Excellent in everything from the first contact, both in information and service.


1 month ago

A moment of deep pleasure. A person with exuberant inner beauty and a healthy mind, who achieves a perfect climate in a warm, deep, relaxed environment. Unforgettable


1 month ago

A moment of deep pleasure. Carried out by a person of exuberant inner beauty and healthy mind. Unforgettable


1 month ago

I do not know where to start. It was my first experience in tantric massage and I think I was very lucky because Angelical elevated me to a UNIQUE place of sensation, which I did not know, and I felt happy when I returned to earth again. She has a lot of personality, she is very sensual and has a warmth in what she does that is difficult to find. She is totally authentic in her treatment and very pleasant. She is very pretty, she looks you in the eyes and has a divine smile. Everything she says in Who I Am is absolutely true.
I never thought I would meet a being like that when I decided to go. Thank you!!!!!


1 month ago

I really don't know how to explain it. It's incredible, it makes you feel very good. It takes you to another world. She is a very nice, delicate and very warm person.


1 month ago

Always the best in the world!! What a great time we had!!! I always want more and more


3 weeks ago

A real tantra massage. Only. A professionalism and naturalness that is difficult to find. She, beautiful, tender, soft, intelligent. She makes you feel very comfortable from the first moment. The massage takes you to another region of the mind. I haven't felt that level of peace in a long time. A luxury. Don't hesitate for a second to call her. I for one know that I will return! Thank you!!

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