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Who I am?

Hello, I am a university girl, stunning, squirter and model from Argentina. A morbid lady, very hot, multi-orgasmic, very cuddly and wild at the same time. Also, if you are looking for quality company, I am a luxury companion, a cultured woman, very fun, sensual, outgoing, with a stunning body and excellent presence. You will be a fire throughout the entire meeting and I will get you to leave your reality aside, giving free rein to our unbridled passion.

I'm going to exploit all your fantasies! I really enjoy oral sex, giving and receiving, threesomes, being with another woman, double penetration, getting all wet until I finish spurting with pleasure and more, so as not to get into vulgarities.

Our meeting can be at your accommodation, even if it is your home, or I will be able to receive you at my apartment in Palermo Hollywood, super discreet and safe.

Unique, skin and passion. Alexandra Squirt 💫


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Experiences (18)


4 months ago

I assure you it is better than in the photos, it is a bitch, always all wet! 100% Squirter, it provides the same service as Belén and it also goes to Europe! Enjoy guys we have few left like this!!


4 months ago

We had a threesome with the lady, she asked us for double penetration, like crazy… hahaha I remember she asked us for a photo touching our noses!! Unforgettable, how it ends!!


4 months ago

What to say about this delicate woman, she is soft, sweet, makes you feel that she truly connects with you. I don't know if you enjoy her more than one when doing things. Her head explodes from her. You can't stop thinking about her, she catches you.


3 months ago

She is unique. I saw it and I already felt that it was going to be a special moment. Prettier and with a sensuality that cannot be seen in a photo. It begins generating intimacy and sweetness but when the temperature starts to rise the place disappears and you enter a hell of passion and debauchery.
Of many experiences she is among the best, most of the time one feels that I spend money out of habit. In the case of Alex, any value is little and you leave happy. I think she was born to give pleasure and love


2 months ago

i`ve about a month in Bs As. Alexandra became my steady. Why go anywhere else? She has a discreet place in Palermo equipped with all kinds of things. Not to mention a rich selection of clothing and other surprises you might not expect!


2 months ago

I relapsed from the trio to the quartet, hahaha X God… What energy!! It is better than in the photos, it has some tits and in four Puff .. !


1 month ago

She is a Stunning Brunette, a little devil. I fully recommend it. Uff that little apple! That way of moaning and choking. Worth every ticket!


1 month ago

If it's real, she wets the whole bed with her squirt, it's the best of all. She has all the skills, she is a bitch in bed!


1 month ago

A goddess Alessandra. Let me tell you that she shouldn't have taken the photos that were before, she looked beautiful and that was what made you go.


1 month ago

Sweetheart I loved seeing you today! She is a beautiful person with an angelic face and she understands you anyway. She is very kind with an empathy that makes you want to get to know her more and more.


1 month ago

Crazy Alessandra, makes you travel to another planet
A tail and tits from another world
If you like squirts, it's the one ^⁠_⁠^
As promised , I will come back to see her and her friend


2 weeks ago

Alexandra is very friendly and super sexy, she loves to practice dirty sex 😇😇 will definitely see her again when back in Buenos Aires, really a nice girl easy going and really kinky ..! Kisses to you James.


2 weeks ago

Its one of the best girl what I ever met. Alexandra is so sexy and dryly girl. In bed she is to wild and gods. I will never forget a moment with you. Hope to meet again. Take care guys for her. She is amazing.


1 week ago

Meeting Alexandra made me realize how badly I spent my money before. She is my best investment, she is spectacular. I am a very educated man and a gentleman and a monument must be made to him. She is a very empathetic lady who truly loves what she does. And it's true, I verified the previous comments and the passion with which she treats herself, those juices that she unleashes in her, I have never felt them in another woman. I applaud her standing, the best SQUIRTER IN ARGENTINA. .


1 week ago

The truth is that I love it, it has a unique treatment, I was with her several times and I will continue to return. She makes your head explode and always leaves you wanting more. She knows what you like and once she gets into your mind she won't save you. She is a vampire, a succubus who came to this world to subjugate you. Be careful, it generates addiction.


1 week ago

A sex goddess. Unlimited. She devastates you and she also has that extra squirt, for those of us who like her. A dazzling woman. She took my breath away.


1 week ago

Beautiful woman ! That makes your fantasies explode..., among other things!!! Hahaha for all tastes..


12 hours ago

Alexandra makes a difference, she is an empowered woman. We meet in the Lobby, feeling how the men accompanied by her look at her surreptitiously, she and she turns you on. She has a strong, sensual personality with a very pretty face and a dazzling smile. She has a sense of power, confidence and autonomy in herself, which is transmitted in her way of walking, expressing herself and in her perfume. She exactly knows that she enriches any type of meeting, she is very intelligent, she observes life from another angle. Intimately, ugh… she is not described in her comments, her audio summarizes everything, her voice is very delicate., The tone of her laughter :), I fell in love. It is worth much more than the tariff listed on the page. My queen, I will see you again on my return. You are exceptional.

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