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Who I am?

Hello! I am Guada, a VIP level escort in Puerto Madero. I have a radiant mix of elegance, sophistication and erotic energy. I value quality over quantity and have a special appreciation for those who do the same. I offer a complete service, with full kisses and GFE style caresses.

💎I speak Spanish and English.

💎I am available for dinners, trips and social or executive events.

💎 To book I ask for a selfie photo.


Hi gentlemen, I am Guada, a VIP level escort in Puerto Madero. I have a radiant mix of elegance, sophistication and erotic energy. I value quality over quantity and have a special appreciation for those who do the same. I offer a complete service and GFE treatment.

💎I speak Spanish and English, and I am available for dinners, trips, and social or executive events.

💎 To book, I ask for a selfie photo.


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Experiences (17)


hace 2 años

You are a total beauty

Matthew Campbell

hace 2 años

Guada is beautiful, sweet, and sexy, with long, flowing hair. She gave me a wonderful massage and all the good stuff! With a friendly smile and real warmth. True GFE!

adam c

hace 2 años

Amazingly beautiful lady inside out. Gorgeous body, beautiful face and happy smile. My dream woman. 😘


hace 2 años

Hello, I will be in BsAs from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday, I would like to hire you as a companion, I am a businessman, and also so that we spend the night together those 3 days.


hace 2 años

Guada is simply a beautiful, sexy woman, with a very toned and very passionate body. We went on a trip and it was the perfect company, it is nice and smart. Without a doubt, the best.


hace 2 años

wow! What a special lady. Totally honest and genuine! What you see is what you get and much more! Great experience !!!


1 years ago

Guada is a woman's dream, beautiful, sexy, fun, passionate, charismatic, a good woman, and in bed a storm of passion... How she kisses... how she looks at you when she makes love... envelops you... makes you fall in love... drives you crazy … I couldn't stop thinking about her until several hours after we said goodbye…. I'm going to watch it again and again. I don't want and I can't stop seeing her. It doesn't happen every day, it doesn't happen often that you meet a woman like Guada. Recommended 1.000 x 1.000... Divine, spectacular, a goddess from Olympus...


1 years ago

Crazy beautiful.


1 years ago

I was with her today!! Truly amazing. A chocolate, just like the photos. Memorable Pete and Tail


1 years ago

It remains is fantastic, she is a beauty with an angel face and an incredible hill, she is also very sweet and tender and a queen in bed, I will return without hesitation


11 months ago

total beauty


11 months ago

This woman is a crazy dr stuff. What she enjoys and the orgasnos that she has. Better not to mention how he does oral sex. She gets wet doing it. the best by far


10 months ago

Guada thanks for everything from me and my partner. SOS a sweetheart of a girl, a bombshell and delicate, I felt super comfortable. I wanted to thank you, I send you a big kiss, see you soon!


9 months ago

Tremendous beautiful woman overcomes impressive sexy


7 months ago

Incredibleeeee…a unique experience. I 100% recommend this beauty of a woman. Friendly, polite, happy and excellent level.
A 10 without a doubt!!! my congratulations to her.


6 months ago

I have been with several women on this page and many others. I want to tell you that Guada is the best by far. From day one we have put together a good skin. We went out several times. She makes you feel like you are her man. She gives oral sex like the gods. It turns you on a lot! Not to mention when she touches herself, ufff. Thanks for all the time shared.


3 months ago

Today I visited Guada and I have 3 things to comment. The order is irrelevant because all 3 are equally wonderful. She is incredibly beautiful! I think it's enough to say that it is just like the photos. In bed she is an atomic bomb, it has been a long time since she had such a good time. And she is very cool! It's also a pleasure to chat with her for a while.
Everyone will have their own expectations, but if the idea is to have a complete experience, this is it. A pleasure to have met you and see you soon!

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